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A proud Rotman graduate, David R. Smith feels motivated to give his support to the next generation of students. Find out why in this heartfelt message.

I want to be able to proudly and unequivocally declare that I attended one of the world’s top MBA schools; I suspect you do as well. Rotman was a transformational experience for me, as it likely was for you. I made a two-year investment in the School, and gained so much in return—a depth and breadth of experiences and insights that are integral to my success today.

One of the most enduring lessons I received as a student at Rotman was the importance of investing strategically. I understood early in the program that we own our “Rotman stock” for life, and during the two-year MBA program I did as much as I could to invest in a community of highly skilled and interesting people I could learn from and share perspective with.

These interactions gave me invaluable practical experience, and helped to build the foundation for a powerful community of friends and experts, many of whom I still call upon today for a quick primer on a particular topic, or when I’m tackling a complex challenge for a client. As driven individuals we can accomplish great things, but we can go much farther with the help of others. Our community has immense potential value waiting to be unlocked.

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Rotman continues to innovate and inspire. But it can only continue to meet the challenges of constant change and prepare tomorrow’s business leaders with support from each member of our community.

That's why I believe it is so important to support the School, to continually enhance our standing among the best business schools in the world—a school that continues to prepare students to be tomorrow's intrepid leaders. I don’t have to tell you that a company without capital cannot compete. The same is true of Rotman.

I hope you will make a donation to the Rotman Annual Fund this year. Your gift will play a vital role in funding the School's highest priorities, enabling it to continue to innovate, intensify its success and impact globally, offer new thinking and unique experiential learning opportunities across disciplines, and provide exceptional leadership and self-development programs.

"Your gift to the Annual Fund allows the School to deliver on its highest ambitions. Together, we have the opportunity to make a genuine impact."

There are so many groundbreaking initiatives underway at the School. When I was a student in the mid-2000s, I thought about the opportunities for Rotman to offer additional learning in entrepreneurship and how to utilize business to solve the world’s most complicated problems. Today, the School is integrating innovation and entrepreneurship across disciplines, and adding globally differentiated programs surrounding health innovation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship.

So you can imagine my excitement when, last year, I heard about the Rotman On-Board Fellowship Program, a new initiative that places our most talented upper-year MBA students on high-impact non-profit boards for six months to work on real-world projects of strategic importance with inspiring leaders. I recognized On-Board's potential immediately; it helps students to learn, connect and contribute as they develop governance and leadership skills, and I knew I wanted to get behind this program and offer my support.

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Together, we have the opportunity to deliver real impact. And it’s not just for the benefit of students, it’s also for all of us—the alumni. I consider giving to Rotman as a strategic investment: the better the student experience, the more potential for success they have, strengthening the value of the Rotman brand and, in turn, my degree. I continue to invest in Rotman to increase the return on my investment.

Thank you for your consideration and for your support in helping to build a stronger, more successful Rotman community.

Yours truly

David R. Smith, MBA (2006), FEA
Smith Advisory Services Inc.

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