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How to tap into the Rotman alumni network at any stage in your career

February 17, 2022

Twelve years ago, Rachel Megitt (MBA ’10) was set to graduate in the heart of the global financial crisis.

Rachel Megitt (MBA ’10)

“There was a lot of anxiety and pressure around what employment after graduation was going to look like for all of us — likely similar to some of the feelings you may be experiencing,” she said, acknowledging the challenges of completing a degree during the pandemic. Megitt spoke to a group of 250 graduating students and recent alumni at the New Alumni Kick-off, an annual event that welcomes soon-to-be Rotman grads to a global community of over 17,000 alumni.

“As part of the Rotman alumni community, you have access to an incredible group of individuals who have truly done it all,” said Megitt, a senior director of product management at RBC. Since graduating from the Full-Time MBA program in 2010, she has taken on roles in management consulting and led strategy teams at RBC Capital Markets.

“I have continued to stay connected to the School, deriving value from each interaction, whether it be attending a guest lecture, catching up with classmates, seeking advice and most importantly, spending time with future Rotman graduates — the future of the business community,” she added.

“As part of the Rotman alumni community, you have access to an incredible group of individuals who have truly done it all.”

—Rachel Megitt, MBA ’12
Senior Director, Product Management at RBC

Here are some ways Rotman graduates can make the most of their alumni network.

Rotman Connect

Reconnecting with classmates and expanding your network is made simple with Rotman Connect, an online platform and mobile app that connects nearly 10,000 Rotman alumni and students.

Upon joining, Rotman Connect members from around the world can exchange advice and expertise with fellow alumni across industries. Users can search for jobs, talent, experts, mentors, events and more.

"I encourage you to tap into your alumni network. Not just today, but throughout your entire career,” says Susan Christoffersen, dean of the Rotman School.

“Although we have a lot of programs from undergrad to PhD, we’re all part of the same extended family. A family that supports its members, looks after new ones and always remains committed to its purpose of bringing value to business and society.”

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Catch up on the latest Rotman Management issue

Published in January, May and September, Rotman’s in-house magazine explores themes of interest to leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

In the latest issue, it’s all about disruption. Readers can expect relevant pieces on the future of the travel industry, the art of disruptive conversations, scaling a business globally and an in-depth interview with Gillian Hadfield, the inaugural Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society at U of T.

“In addition to articles and interviews with some of our top professors, it also includes timely and relevant content from management thinkers at Harvard Business School and other leading schools and organizations,” says Darcy Drury (MBA/MGA ’18), a senior policy advisor and consultant for the Ontario Cabinet Office. Previously, he worked at CIBC in the workforce transformation and leadership area.

“More than once I’ve shared articles with members of my team — sometimes even issues — as we thought about the future of work.”

Rotman alumni can sign up for free issues by reaching out to

Learn more about Rotman Management here →

Return for an alumni tradition or event

Inspired to be more active in the Rotman alumni community? Reunite at Rotman is the ultimate annual homecoming event for alumni, bringing together alumni from around the world to enjoy keynote speakers, industry-specific fireside chats and individual class reunions.

Held in October each year, it’s also when the community celebrates the annual Rotman Alumni Award winners for lifetime achievement, volunteer excellence and leadership.

The Rotman Family Fun Day is an event for the whole family. Last year, it expanded to a week of virtual entertainment for Rotman alumni with family members under the age of 13.

Typically held in the spring, the day is an opportunity for alumni with young families to connect and recharge together.

Learn more about upcoming alumni traditions and events →

Tune into a Rotman Public Event

Rotman hosts a wide variety of public events throughout the year featuring some of the world’s most accomplished leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and researchers.

With topics ranging from compassionate leadership, inclusive workplace culture and the keys to create a high-performance company; to understanding Canadians’ evolving views on business during COVID-19, the conversations tackle pressing and relevant issues in today's business landscape.

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All events are virtual for the time being.

The New Alumni Kick-Off was sponsored by U of T affinity partners Manulife and TD Insurance.

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