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At Rotman, our students are our key strength. Our classes are comprised of globe trotters, professional athletes and emerging leaders. Rotman students come from all over the world and they aren’t afraid to make bold career moves, start new businesses or take on leadership positions at prominent firms. In some cases, they’re juggling family responsibilities and pursuing causes they care about. Learn more about our students.

BlackNorth Initiative at Rotman: highlighting the Black experience in business

October 07, 2021
There was a definite buzz in the air. One Friday afternoon in early May 2021, a group of students, alumni and engaged community leaders conv...
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Learning from thought leaders and engaging in real-world problems: the real value of attending a research-intensive business school

October 05, 2021
Even with her generally excellent foresight, Khadija Mubasher (MBA ’21) couldn’t have predicted the epiphany she’d experie...
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This year’s Rotman Alumni Award winners show us what it means to be a leader

September 09, 2021
Whether they are solving a major environmental crisis, mentoring the next generation of leaders or making room for women in finance, it&rsqu...
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These Master of Finance students are taking their careers to new and unexpected places

August 18, 2021
Emily Halverson-Duncan (MFin ’22) isn’t easily fazed. As a finance professional, she’s used to dealing with volatile marke...
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This Executive MBA ’17 grad is bringing Indigenous innovation to the forefront. Here’s how.

July 19, 2021
Years ago, as a practicing nurse and midwife, Sara Wolfe (Executive MBA ’17) helped women deliver new life into the world. Today, as d...
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MBA ’21 interns tackled toilet paper shortages and remote work, with help from internship advisors

June 15, 2021
In the fall of 2020, Ali Rizk (MBA ’21) found himself with more power than he could have ever imagined. As an intern with Procter &...
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