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MD/MBA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your questions are not answered here, please contact the Temerty Faculty of Medicine or Rotman School of Management directly.

Who can apply?

Students currently in the third year of the U of T MD degree can apply for the MD/MBA joint program. If successful, the student would enter the Full Time MBA after completing Year Three of the MD degree.

Are students enrolled at the Mississauga Academy of Medicine eligible?

Yes, all U of T MD students are eligible and welcome to apply.

Who should I ask to be a reference?

If you have relevant professional experience prior to entering medicine, please ask your direct report to be a reference.  If you do not have professional experience, references from your internships or volunteer activities would also be accepted.  Referees should be able to comment on your strengths, areas of improvement and your contribution to the team or company you were a part of.  

Note that you will be asked to provide the referee name and contact information as part of the MBA application. Once your application is submitted, your referees will receive a link to fill in the reference online which will be automatically added to your application when completed. No additional letters of reference are required.

What is the benefit of taking an MD/MBA vs the MBA in residency or later?

This is an important question and the answer will vary depending on the student.  Some benefits to highlight would be:

Completing both degrees in five years rather than six.

A slightly reduced courseload when completing the MBA within the combined program.  The CDP students do not need to take the internship (12-14 weeks) and are also exempt from one elective and two core courses. 

Completing the MBA before beginning the residency program. By completing the MBA beforehand the student has the business/leadership/management competencies early, to apply from the beginning of their career post medical school. 

Also, this skillset may be an advantage as it indicates business and management expertise when applying for residency opportunities. 


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Mark Kostove is a student in the Rotman MBA program