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Students begin the combined degree program in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and spend the first three years in the MD program. Applications to the MD/MBA program are welcomed from MD students entering the Fall of their third year. Successful applicants enter the first year of the Full-Time MBA program in September of their fourth year, leaving the MD program for 12 months. In the fifth year students return to the MD program for the Fall term. The Winter term of the fifth year offers a combination of coursework and electives from both programs.

The MD/MBA FT CPD is designed such that the requirements can be completed in five years rather than the six years it would take to acquire the degrees independently, as follows:





Year 1 MD program

Year 1 MD program requirements


Year 2 MD program

Year 2 MD program requirements


Year 3 MD program;

Apply to MD/MBA program

Year 3 MD program requirements



Year 1 MBA

Year 1 MBA FT course requirements (Students in the MD/MBA FT CPD granted credit for RSM 1165H Leveraging Diverse Teams; RSM 1380H Applied Management: Placement; one MBA Year 2 0.5 FCE elective)


Year 4 MD program

Year 2 MBA

No Internship

Year 4 MD program requirements (Credit granted for 4 weeks of MD Electives)

Year 2 MBA FT course requirements (Students in the MD/MBA program granted credit for RSM 1160H Business Ethics)

The path to completion summarized above requires completion of MBA courses in the summer of Year 4. For this reason, CDP students are not able to complete an internship.

More information:

MD Program Overview information

For MD program requirements, please visit this site.

Healthcare, Pharma, Medical Devices and the MBA - Professor Will Mitchell

Will Mitchell is the Anthony S. Fell Chair in New Technologies and Commercialization

Crisis and Opportunity in Healthcare

Zayna Khayat is a senior advisor at MaRS and an adjunct professor