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Admission Criteria

Helpful questions to understand the process for admissions to the Combined PharmD-MBA Program

Admission Criteria Who is eligible to apply for the Combined PharmD-MBA program?

This program is ONLY offered to students who have completed at least one 4-year degree (e.g. BSc,BA, BComm, BEng) PRIOR to enrolling in the PharmD program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. Students who have not yet completed a degree from an accredited university are not eligible to apply. Prior completion of a 4-year degree is a University of Toronto/Rotman School of Management requirement and is not negotiable.

How and when do I apply for admission to the Combined PharmD-MBA program?

Each September, an information session will be held for second year PharmD students interested in learning more about the Combined PharmD-MBA program. This session will describe the admission requirements, outline the application processes, and explain the opportunities presented by this unique Combined PharmD-MBA program. Interested students are encouraged to speak with the Combined PharmD-MBA Program Coordinator (insert email address) to discuss the program and begin planning. Only second year students in the PharmD program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy are able to apply for admission to the Combined PharmD-MBA program.

During Year 2 of the PharmD program, students must complete an submit all admission requirements for the Full-Time MBA program offered by the Rotman School of Management by the posted deadlines.

Please note that the Rotman School of Management has five different admission rounds, each with their own deadlines. To be considered for admission to the Combined PharmD-MBA program, second year PharmD students must complete and submit their applications by the Round 1 or Round 2 deadlines..

What happens after I have applied?

The Rotman School of Management will consider all applications on their own merit; there are no specific seats reserved for or allocated to Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy students. Pharmacy applicants compete with all other applicants in that application cycle/round for admission to the MBA program. The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy has no control or influence over the admission process. Pharmacists have historically done well in MBA programs, and have been very competitive for admission in various programs across Canada. As a result, your background, education, and interests as a pharmacist should generally align well with Rotman School of Management requirements.

What happens after I’m accepted to the Rotman School of Management Full-Time MBA program?

Once you receive notification of your acceptance to the Full-Time MBA program at the Rotman School of Commerce, you will need to inform the Combined PharmD-MBA Program Coordinator to be transferred into the Combined PharmD-MBA program. At that time, you will be directed to defer your acceptance into the Full-Time MBA program for one academic year to allow you to complete the remainder of the degree requirements for the PharmD degree. Your notification of acceptance, followed by your deferral, secures you a spot in the Full-Time MBA class for the following year.



Combined PharmD MBA

Contact Pharmacy

Applicants must first be admitted to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Telephone: 416-978-3967
Fax: (416) 978-8511 

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Toronto
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Toronto, Ontario  M5S 3M2

Healthcare: An MBA Student's Perspective

Mark Kostove is a student in the Rotman MBA program