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The Skoll Program allows you to use your natural ability to creatively apply scientific principles to reimagine the world while also giving you the business knowledge to not just design something new but to manage it.

In order to secure Canada's competitive position, businesses are looking for a new generation of leaders - ones who combine an engineering background, excellent management training, and experience working in industry. The Skoll Program will produce graduates with top-flight management skills, total comfort with new and emerging technology, and the interpersonal and team skills needed to succeed.

With the establishment of the Skoll Program, the University of Toronto is addressing these challenges and dramatically decreasing the time required for students to gain these skills. The Skoll Program enables students to complete a BASc, a professional experience year (PEY), and an MBA consecutively.

In addition to training a new generation of business men and women, academic leaders in the program will conduct leading-edge research. They will provide a global perspective on the issues facing our economy, and offer leadership to businesses and governments as Canada grapples with the challenges presented by the advent of emerging technologies. The Jeffrey Skoll BASc/MBA Program will enable U of T staff and students to contribute to some of the world's most innovative thinking, teaching, and research at the intersection of engineering and business.

The three core elements of the Skoll Program curriculum are designed to provide a convenient bridge for innovative engineering students to make the necessary transition between Engineering and Management disciplines:

  • BASc Requirements: Completion of a total of 40 course equivalents over four years.
  • Full-Time MBA Requirements: Completion of 20 course equivalents over 2 years.
  • The PEY (Professional Experience Year): Students complete a 16-month internship in a business or not-for-profit setting, normally after completing the third year of engineering. (As an option, the PEY may be taken after completing the second year of engineering). 

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