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The Rotman MBA is a master key that opens many doors as it prepares you for positions that require the ability to manage across many functional business areas.

At Rotman, our general MBA is a master key that opens many doors as it prepares you for positions that require the ability to manage across several functional business areas. If your goal is to make a career switch to a new industry or function, accelerate your current career path, or to start your own business, you can complete the core MBA courses and choose from over 100 electives.

"Our MBA program is at the forefront of education, integrating model-based problem solving, innovation, and leadership."

—Tiff Macklem, Former Dean, Rotman School of Management

Requirements to Complete 

All Rotman MBA students complete the same common core courses in the first year of the program:  

Core Courses

  • Leading Diverse Teams
  • Decision Making with
    Models and Data

  • Leading People in Organizations
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managing Customer Value
  • Fundamentals of Strategic
  • Finance I: Capital Markets
    and Evaluation
  • Statistics
  • Economic Environment: The Macroeconomy
  • Operations Management
  • Finance II: Corporate Finance 
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Core Elective I
  • Core Elective II
  • Core Elective III
  • Ethics

Once the common core courses are complete, students can greatly customize their General MBA to best prepare for success in their career objectives and to suit their personal preferences. Students must complete 3 core electives and 10 electives in three 4-month terms (Summer, Fall, Winter/Spring) by choosing from over 100 electives courses, and complete a work placement through our Flexible Internship Program. Some students may also elect to spend a term abroad through our international study opportunities.

Career Paths

The Rotman MBA has been designed to prepare you to become a high-value decision maker in any company and industry you choose, across a broad range of functions, no matter what your particular interests or objectives may be. Our goal is to accelerate your success by giving you a foundation of world-class business education combined with practical experiential learning to develop your understanding of modern managerial challenges across all areas of business, expand your leadership capacity, and excel in your career for life!

Flexible Internship Program

The Rotman Full-Time MBA Program provides a unique opportunity for students to integrate and apply management knowledge gained within the program through a 4-month internship. Students are required to complete the course “Applied Management: Placement” in conjunction with a work placement which may be done in the Summer, Fall or Winter terms. Depending on their academic area of concentration/major and career objectives, students will be guided on the best work term option to secure a placement with an employer. Throughout their work placement, students will benefit from enhanced communication with their host employers, tracking of project deliverables and feedback from faculty supervisors.

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