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Real estate helps drive the local and national economy. Gain the knowledge and adaptability you need to excel in high-level professional and managerial careers in the industry.

Topics covered

The goal of this emphasis is to develop students’ capacities to think about a wide range of real estate issues.  It is meant to cover the financial, economic, and entrepreneurial aspects of real estate careers.  In addition, the classes in the emphasis will develop student modeling skills across various functional areas.  The major is intended to fit within the Rotman brand of model based problem solving.

"Bidding wars are caused by an economic boom. That said, they're here to stay."

- William Strange, a professor of Economic Analysis and Policy at the Rotman School, in an online article

Requirements to complete

You must successfully complete 3 of the following core courses:

Core courses

  • Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Real Estate Investment

It is recommended that students choose electives that are broadly relevant to real estate.  The following classes all develop modes of thinking that are relevant to real estate, and thus are deemed to satisfy the 'broadly relevant' guideline:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Game Theory and Applications for Management
  • Business and the City
  • Forecasting Models and Econometric Methods
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Business Law
  • Options and Futures Markets
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Modeling and Optimization for Decision Making
  • Marketing Research

Note that if an insufficient number of core courses are offered, a recommended course may be used in its place.

Activities out of class

Career paths for the Real Estate

The real estate emphasis is designed to prepare students for careers in real estate investment, real estate management, and real estate development.  In addition, a background in real estate can be useful to students in banking and asset management.  A background in real estate can also be useful to general managers to the extent that they deal with location decisions and because firms in other lines of business frequently own or rent significant real estate, and are therefore accidentally in the real estate business.

Flexible Internship Program

The Rotman Full-Time MBA Program provides a unique opportunity for students to integrate and apply management knowledge gained within the program through a 4-month internship. Students are required to complete the course “Applied Management: Placement” in conjunction with a work placement which may be done in the Summer, Fall or Winter terms. Depending on their academic area of concentration/major and career objectives, students will be guided on the best work term option to secure a placement with an employer. Throughout their work placement, students will benefit from enhanced communication with their host employers, tracking of project deliverables and feedback from faculty supervisors.

Notable alumni

  • David Lieberman, Associate Vice President, Avison Young
  • Derek Goring, Vice President, Land Development
  • Douglas Tipple, Principal, Creva Group Ltd.
  • Ian Gillespie, President, Westbank Projects Corp., Vancouver
  • Ian Parker, Senior Vice President, Asset Management
  • James Shears, VP - Senior Asset Manager (Canada), Citigroup Realty Services
  • Keng-Lam Ang, Chairman, Kerry Logistics Network Limited

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