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Program schedule & delivery

In just 13 months, the Rotman One-Year Executive MBA will dramatically accelerate your leadership potential and connect you to the ideas and people that are redefining management.

13 months of transformation

"The Rotman One-Year Executive MBA program changed the way I think and work. It expanded my views, enriched my capabilities and it showed me how I can be a better leader. It opened the door to new experiences, people and opportunities.”

- Dale Kehler, EMBA '19, Vice President, Business Development, E-Magic Inc.



Core curriculum

The core curriculum begins with foundational management courses. As the program progresses, you will focus on specific topics with application to real business situations and problems.

Term 1

  • Strategy I
  • Accounting I
  • Ethics
  • Economics I
  • Quantitative Reasoning for Management
  • Personal Leadership

Term 2

  • Finance I
  • Business Operations
  • Power and Influence
  • Business Problem Solving
  • Accounting II
  • The Thoughtful Leader
  • Crisis Leadership
  • Leadership Development Practicum

Term 3

  • Economics II
  • Finance II
  • Marketing I
  • Corporate Governance
  • Aligning People and Strategy
  • Strategy II
  • International Business

Term 4

  • Negotiations
  • Capstone Project. The final Capstone week serves as the culminating experiential activity during which participants put together all the concepts they have learned throughout the program.

Throughout the program

  • Professional Development sessions
  • Leadership / Mastery sessions

Deepen your business knowledge and dramatically accelerate your leadership potential with the Rotman One-Year Executive MBA program. The condensed schedule is designed for both personal and professional flexibility.

When and where
The majority of classes are in-person and on-campus, so you'll be able to grow your invaluable network and take advantage of everything that Rotman has to offer. The curriculum is structured around four terms. Regular classes take place twice a month, online for three hours on Thursday evenings and then in person on Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day. Four one-week modules also take place during the program.

Real-time learning
Rotman employs diverse learning methods, including case studies, lectures, teamwork, online study, simulations and experiential learning. This ensures that the curriculum can respond to rapidly changing developments. Participants also bring their own workplace challenges into the classroom, and these become part of the discussion.


"What I enjoyed most about business school was the classroom discussion. Being present in a room with so many diverse perspectives from different industries, countries of origin, and life experiences was such a humbling and enriching experience – it fundamentally broadened my worldview.”

- Catherine Bornbaum, EMBA '19, Head of Clinical Operations and Partnerships, RetiSpec

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