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Internship FAQs

How do I get an internship or work placement?

The Rotman Career Centre works closely with students through dedicated Career Coaches and Industry Advisors to help students apply for internships posted on our internal career portal and external websites throughout the year. Students can also seek connections through the Rotman Alumni Network to arrange chats with alumni working close by in downtown Toronto or throughout the world. A parallel search – combining the on-campus recruiting opportunities with an aggressive networking strategy off-campus – results in the best outcomes.

Some employers hire through annual recruitment cycles at specific times of the year. Others hire “just-in-time” as opportunities arise. Students can maximize their access to opportunities by attending information sessions and networking events held by the variety of employers recruiting on campus. After attending a company's information session, students are invited to apply via our internal career portal. Students should always conduct a parallel off-campus search, using the networking tools available through the Career Centre and the Rotman Alumni network to exhaust their internship options. 


Who hires MBAs?

We work with leading employers from all industries. Our employers are familiar with the calibre of our MBA students and have appropriate level opportunities for them. If you are interested in a company that does not recruit from Rotman you can contact the Career Centre and we can work with you to build a relationship with the firm.

Are the internships or work placements paid or unpaid?

Most MBA internships and work placements are paid. However, each year a handful of students take positions or research opportunities that enrich their breadth of experience and build their skills-sets but are not salaried. Some might receive a small stipend or bursary, but this varies by position.

For our latest internship salary statistics, please see our Employment and Salary Report. Please contact your career coach to make sure your chosen work placement ensures the best possible career preparation for you.

Are internships or other work placements part of the MBA curriculum?

Yes. With the introduction of the Flexible Internship program, students at Rotman will not only complete a work term during the second year, but will also complete an academic component bringing together important learnings from the first year core with practical application and professional reflection under the guidance of a highly regarded faculty mentor.

What happens if I don't get an internship or other work placement?

Any student who does not complete a work placement during their time at Rotman will engage in an independent study course that also teaches the application of foundational management knowledge to real life managerial work problems. This course will study a real world firm/institution under the supervision of management faculty, with the same learning outcome goals as the work placement course. We expect only a small number of students to fall within this category, as the work placement is an integral part of the MBA experience at Rotman.

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