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How Rotman Admissions Decisions are Made

Discover if you're a good fit with the Rotman MBA

At the Rotman School, we take the whole package approach to the application process. We accept students from a wide variety of backgrounds, and pride ourselves in building a diverse class. Read on to learn more about what we're looking for in terms of academic background, work experience to GMAT and GRE scores. Discover if you're a good fit with the Rotman MBA program.

Academic background – minimum mid-B average in your last year (or equivalent)

To answer a common question, you certainly can be admitted to the Rotman MBA program with a B average. To evaluate your academic background, we look at your overall results and use your grades from your last year to calculate your average. We will consider your overall average in cases where your last year’s average is weaker than your overall average. If you completed your degree part-time, typically your last year will be your last 4 or 5 senior level courses.

It’s not necessary to have a business degree to apply to Rotman. In fact, we value diversity and welcome applicants with arts, humanities, social science and science degrees.

GMAT or GRE – no minimum required

Your GMAT or GRE scores allow us to objectively compare your strengths with those of other candidates. Because we have more applicants than spaces, you should definitely aim to have a competitive score. The average GMAT score for the class entering in 2023 was 672.

If you have taken the GMAT or GRE more than once, we’ll consider your best score. The GMAT or GRE can be taken up to five times per year.

Work Experience

Quality rather than quantity is important when it comes to work experience. More is not necessarily better. Your potential as a leader is more important than your actual experience as a manager. We will even consider applicants with no work experience who excel in the other parts of the application. 


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