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8 Tips for Writing a Terrific Application

Discover if you're a good fit with the Rotman MBA

Now that you're on your way to completing your submission to the Rotman MBA program, you want to make sure you've shown yourself in the best light possible. Here are 8 tips from our admissions staff on how to improve your application.

1. Apply early for your best chance of being admitted. By the time the final application deadline arrives, the class is already close to full. Many excellent but late candidates end up on the wait list and remain there until a spot becomes available.

2. Remember to proof read your application. Even native English speakers make spelling errors, typos and grammatical mistakes on their applications. Take the time to read for errors in order to present a clear, concise and compelling application.

3. Pay close attention to the essay questions. It’s tempting to try to save time by using the same essay for different business schools, however, it’s fairly easy to tell when someone is not answering the particular questions that are part of the Rotman application package. Take time to formulate a terrific response.

4. Remember that the GMAT is only one admission requirement in assessing your suitability for the program. Don’t spend too much time on your GMAT if it means neglecting the rest of your application. At Rotman, we take the whole package approach to our applicants, which means we accept candidates with relatively low GMAT scores, as long as the rest of their application – including grades, work experience, admission essays and references – are excellent.

5. Be honest about your work experience. Most candidates have only worked about two years before entering the Rotman MBA program. In such a relatively short time span, it’s unlikely you would have the opportunity to lead a team or gain much senior management experience. So if you’re a future star and not a star already, don’t worry. At Rotman, we’re interested in building your potential. Just be realistic about your achievements and tell us how you did your best with the opportunities that you were provided.

6. Choose great references. Part of this means giving your references the right preparation. Take the time to discuss your application with your references and remind them of your accomplishments and achievements. Ask if they will support your application and hope they will answer honestly. But not negatively, of course. A poor reference will limit your chance of admission.

7. Be realistic about your extracurricular activities and volunteer positions. If you’ve participated in a sport recreationally, avoid portraying yourself as an Olympic athletic. And if you’re one of many volunteers for a charity, there’s no need to claim to be on the board of directors. On the other hand, if you really have performed as an elite athlete, started a charity, and made a significant impact on an organization, we’d love to hear about it.

8. Prepare for the interview. You only have one shot at the admission interview. Use the opportunity to show yourself in the best light, to demonstrate that you’re a good fit for the program, and that you’re enthusiastic about becoming a Rotman student.

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