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Creative Destruction Lab Fellowship Program

Build Something Massive with the Creative Destruction Lab Fellowship Program

Launch your entrepreneurial ambitions with a total value of over $27,200 in a scholarship award, guaranteed placement in the Creative Destruction Lab, sponsored access to key events and courses, and a CDL alumni mentor.

The Creative Destruction Lab at the Rotman School of Management is a seed-stage program for massively scalable technology-based ventures. When the Lab was launched in 2012, the goal was for the ventures going through the program to create $50 million in equity value within five years. In that time, the equity value created has exceeded well over $1 billion.

The CDL Fellowship Program has been created to unlock the entrepreneurial ambitions of up to 20 incoming Full-Time MBA students who are committed to exploring careers in entrepreneurship and start-ups. Selected students are supported by financial awards of up to $27,000, guaranteed placement in the Creative Destruction Lab strategic courses, and sponsored access to key events.

Our goal is to provide students with the means to pursue start-up experiences as the ultimate catalyst for re-framing their perspective around a future career defined by original thinking and innovation – a direct result of spending a significant amount of time in a venture with a deep commitment to massively scalable opportunities. This program is deeply connected to our values and future state at Rotman where students emulate a culture of innovation and have an ability to contribute to the start-up ecosystem in Canada as Rotman alumni who are well prepared to “inspire the bold thinking needed to solve the most pressing problems of our time.”

View our CDL Fellowship 2021 Lookbook.  

The Creative Destruction Lab: Build Something Massive

Rotman MBA students play a vital role at the CDL.

The Creative Destruction Lab: Build Something Massive

The CDL provides a unique style of milestone-based coaching with the goal of maximizing equity value creation.

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