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Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking

Business Problem Solving: An Integrated Approach

Target Audience

This course will be of particular interest to future consultants, investment bankers and general managers.

Course Scope and Mission

This course aims to make you a better framer and solver of any business problem. It will do so by getting you to build an observer and a controller for your own mind, or to improve the observer and controller that you currently possess. You will be introduced to a basic language for describing problems and the mental processes involved in solving them, and a discipline for using this language. The basic elements of this language form the basic building blocks of the course, which will highlight the application and use of each element of the language to problem solving behavior.

The course is open to anyone wishing to improve his or her basic problem solving skill. It will be particularly useful to those contemplating careers in management consulting, investment banking and entrepreneurship.

GettingItDoneĀ® Intensive


GettingItDone® provides participants the essentials of managementThe course is designed for people who want to effectively implement their strategies when in leadership and management positions. 


  1. Participants will learn a management system that incorporates strategic choice, organizational alignment, managing for results, and continuous improvement.
  2. Participants will get proven tools that will enhance their personal effectiveness.
  3. Participants will get proven tools that will increase their team’s effectiveness.
  4. Participants will get proven tools to achieve their desired organizational results.
  5. Graduates will be able to effectively implement their vision and related strategies when in leadership and management positions.
  6. Participants will experience and practice these tools, in teams, during the course.


The course provides a comprehensive Management System that will allow students execute their vision, and bring their dreams to fruition, by using well-refined models and proven management tools based on the works of Peter F. Drucker, Bill Reddin, and Roger L. Martin. 

The course also includes sessions with GettingItDone® practitioners who will come in and share their real life GettingItDone® experiences with the class.


Top Managerā€™s Perspective

Target Audience

The course should be of interest to future consultants, general managers, investment analysts and entrepreneurs. The course demands a lot of work outside the boundaries of text books and lectures so it is not for everyone.

Course Mission

The objectives of this course are to make you a better decision maker by:

  • Making you think logically and teaching you to communicate in a clear, memorable and compelling way.
  • Developing your understanding of the theory and concepts of strategic management in large complex business organizations.
  • Providing you with a set of practical analytical tools to enhance your strategic skills.
  • Building your self-confidence as a decision maker at the most senior managerial level.

Course Scope

This is a course designed to make you a better strategic decision maker and to integrate all the skills you have acquired in your career.

The course is built on some high level frameworks, such as LogicWorks, that enhance your capacity to reason logically, to identify effective solutions and to learn continuously from your own experiences.

The course works with practical tools and techniques such as momentum analysis, Porter’s 5 forces, core competence, the GE/McKinsey 9-box and others. These tools and the exercises designed to make them useful will assist you in making real world, real time decisions in complex business environments.

The course perspective is that of the CEO of large, global businesses such as Four Seasons, Gildan, CAE or Inmet Mining as well as a more local business, Loblaws.

Students will be required to develop insights from the provided readings (Annual Reports and analysts’ reports) and from their own independent investigations. There are no boundaries. Each day’s newspapers may add further dimensions to the course.

If you are prepared for hard work, aggressive thinking and insightful reflection about yourself this course may well transform your career trajectory.