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Module 4: Europe - Budapest, Hungary and Milan, Italy

Explores how to manage economic opportunities and market crises

Milan Italy Executive MBA

International Accounting 2

Students gain insight into the diversity and complexity of accounting practices in various countries. Varied reporting systems reflect distinctive national developments, histories, and social characteristics.  This course teaches students how to interpret financial positions and operations results of internationally active corporations.


The goal is capital and new wealth generation – achievably only through innovation.  Leading-edge concepts from global entrepreneurship research and case studies are part of this course, and students learn how to recognize, evaluate, and decide how or if to pursue an idea – both as entrepreneur and as intrapreneur .  Teams discuss best practices for business planning, strategic growth, venture capital, and cycle management.

Corporate Governance

Governance is a pressing issue for complex business organizations. From a global perspective, students explore situational, strategic, and managerial dimensions. Students are taught to adapt practices suited to national contexts, and strategies that build a critical but constructive team culture of trust, performance and self-evaluation.

Corporate Finance

Students explore the key components of corporate finance, with particular attention to international differences in financial thinking and methods. Starting with an introduction to corporate finance theory and practice, students learn critical evaluation and different methods of project and enterprise valuation. Students also practice international valuation, market multiples, discounting future earnings and discounting future cash flows methodologies.

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Global Executive MBA Classroom - 1 of 6 modules that go to countries like China, India, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, and the UAE

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The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is the #1 ranked business school in Canada and consistently ranks in the global top 10 for faculty and research excellence.

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Global network | Global Executive MBA | Build a worldwide network while studying in India, China, Hungary, Brazil, Italy, and the UAE

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Thanks to our cohort structure, you will be challenged and motivated by your classmates, who will provide you with a network of friends and business contacts. 

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Rotman offers comprehensive support services to help you reach your learning and career goals.

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Admission to the Rotman EMBA Program is highly competitive. We look for qualified students who demonstrate a high potential for leadership and professional achievement.

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