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Major in Consulting

Shaping the future of business

The best consultants combine intellectual horsepower with natural people skills. At Rotman, the academic and industry expertise of our strategic management faculty will help you develop quantitative and qualitative tools to excel in your consulting career.

Consultants are called upon to provide advice on a challenge faced by a company, which may not have the time, resources, expertise or political will to tackle the problem. As an MBA student majoring in consulting, you'll learn to analyze cross-functional business problems and to justify your recommendations, using a diverse set of quantitative and qualitative tools.

Topics include the consulting industry, problem-solving methodologies, the management of change in organizations, and the development and presentation of proposals and reports.

"Employees arriving in a high-profit time may do better in the long-run because of a wealth of work opportunities."

-András Tilcsik, assistant professor of strategic management at the Rotman School, in an online thought piece on consulting

Requirements to complete the major

The courses covered in this major are critical for entry into the consulting profession whether with a large, medium, or small consulting firm, as a sole proprietor or as an internal consultant in a large company. The skills will apply in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. In addition, the coursework will be useful for managers who will work with or manage outside consultants.

Choose at least one course from the core category and at least two from the elective categories. A minimum of 4 courses is required.

Core courses

  • Management Consulting
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Management Consulting Practicum
  • Strategic Change and Implementation

Elective courses

  • Corporation 360°
  • Communications Strategy
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Business Analysis and Valuation
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management Strategy
  • Organization Design
  • Aligning People and Strategy

Activities outside of class


  • Rotman Management Consulting Association

Case Competitions

  • George Washington University International MBA Case Competition
  • Simon Graduate School of Business Case Competition
  • John Molson MBA International Case Competition

Other Opportunities

Career paths

As a senior consultant, you’ll collect data through industry research, interviews and competitive analysis, and then analyze the data to define the problem. Because of their independence, consultants can often get information from customers and other external contacts that would not be available directly to the company. Next you’ll generate some possible solutions, and present your recommendations to the client. You may also be retained by the client to implement the recommendations.

The consulting process is essentially team-based problem-solving. The typical size of a consulting engagement team is usually two to six people, depending on the firm and the type of project.

Internal consulting is an additional option for those individuals that are attracted to problem solving and project work. Many large corporations have permanent teams of consultants which work on projects throughout the organization.  

Flexible Internship Program

The Rotman Full-Time MBA Program provides a unique opportunity for students to integrate and apply management knowledge gained within the program through a 4-month internship. Students are required to complete the course “Applied Management: Placement” in conjunction with a work placement which may be done in the Summer, Fall or Winter terms. Depending on their academic area of concentration/major and career objectives, students will be guided on the best work term option to secure a placement with an employer. Throughout their work placement, students will benefit from enhanced communication with their host employers, tracking of project deliverables and feedback from faculty supervisors.

Career Preparation

  • Consulting industry day
  • Lunch and Learn series
  • Consulting workshop series
  • Case interview preparation workshops
  • Mock consulting case interviews

Notable Alumni

  • David Donnan, Partner, AT Kearney
  • Jill Black, President & Sole Proprietor, J.E. Black Company Ltd.
  • Joanna Rotenberg, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Strategy
  • Kathryn Skelton, Director, Category Management, Womenswear, Holt Renfrew
  • Lawrence Scott Global, Chief Strategy Officer | Vice Chair | Managing Partner, Deloitte
  • Mark Eleoff, Associate Partner, Accenture
  • Sean Samieian, Principal, Infosys Consulting

Companies that have recruited at Rotman

A selection of companies where Rotman MBA graduates have worked in recent years:

Consulting companies

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