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Major in Global Management

Welcome to the Global Economy

The international markets offer valuable opportunities for business expansion and growth. If you're an aspiring manager or entrepreneur, learn the knowledge and skills you need to compete effectively in a global economy.

The Global Management major is specially designed to provide managers and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to take on the challenges of the international market place and to compete effectively in a global economy.

At the core of the major are courses in international business management and economics. These courses focus on the development of effective business strategies for entering and competing in international markets and for effective management in diverse cultural and political settings. Additional courses focus on specific challenges for marketing and finance that international business operations create.

"In the poorest countries, the established elites are so powerful that entrepreneurship and innovation are suffocated."

-Dan Trefler, professor of Business Economics at the Rotman School, in an online article

Requirements to Complete the Major

You must successfully complete 3 of the following core courses and at least 1 experiential course:

Core Courses

  • International Strategy
  • International Business in the World Economy
  • Economic Environment of International Business
  • International Financial Management

Experiential Courses

To ensure students have the experience and background for a position in global management, it is mandatory for students to choose one of the following experiential courses to complement the academic curriculum:

  • International Study Tours
  • Global Consulting Projects
  • Doing Business Internationally
  • International Exchange Program

It is also recommended that you choose other courses from the following selection:

  • International Business in the World Economy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Managing Talent for Global Operations

Students should meet with the International Programs & Services staff to review the current international offerings and select the best fit as they may change from year to year. 

Note that if three of the required core courses are not offered during the academic year, a course from the recommended list may be used in its place as the third course, subject to the approval of the Major Coordinator. 

Career Paths

While international markets offer valuable opportunities for business expansion and growth, they also come with a unique set of challenges. To compete globally, businesses must be able both to take advantage of the opportunities that the global market place provides and to deal effectively with the challenges it offers.

This major is designed for those who aim to work for companies with a significant international business presence. This presence may range from only selling in foreign markets to having actual foreign operations or joint business ventures.

Flexible Internship Program

The Rotman Full-Time MBA Program provides a unique opportunity for students to integrate and apply management knowledge gained within the program through a 4-month internship. Students are required to complete the course “Applied Management: Placement” in conjunction with a work placement which may be done in the Summer, Fall or Winter terms. Depending on their academic area of concentration/major and career objectives, students will be guided on the best work term option to secure a placement with an employer. Throughout their work placement, students will benefit from enhanced communication with their host employers, tracking of project deliverables and feedback from faculty supervisors.

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