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First Semester Reflection and Takeaways - Ahsan, MFRM Class of 2021

It might be cliché to say time flies when you’re having fun, but time really did fly during my 10 months of the MFRM program!

Since my risk management project summary and with my first semester takeaways, my peers and I have been wrapping up the final semester of our intensive degree, and I believe I speak for all of us when I say it has been very rewarding (although demanding)!

The spring term was by far my favorite, with the class Probabilistic Models for Risk-Informed Decisions where learning-by-doing was exemplified. In each class, we were placed into a new real-time market trading scenario and were expected to trade based on the information provided – all while keeping risk management techniques in mind, such as VaR and delta neutrality.

In the summer semester, I took Financial Markets, Risks and Institutions, in which my group and I were assigned to a cohort of banks, and were tasked to manage all aspects of the bank. From managing regulatory requirements such as risk-weighted assets to treasury activities under stressed market conditions and even deciding what retail chequing rates should be!

These exercises helped us understand the inner workings of a bank’s operations, especially during market conditions that were experienced in the 2020 COVID-19 era.

While some nights were spent ordering takeout and surviving on copious amounts of caffeine, I’m sure my classmates would agree with me, that in the end, it was worth it.

The aforementioned classes exemplify what the MFRM program and Rotman have to offer – the application of theories and formulas that were learned in textbooks, but are now required to act on for the most important prize of all, our final marks.

Although my blog posts have previously reflected on the academic side of the MFRM program, I would like to wrap up my final post with a fun event, that coincidentally wrapped up our degree. MFRM Family Feud! I hope my blog posts have shed light on the MFRM program and I welcome feedback, questions, and bad jokes!

Prospective students are welcome to reach out to me on LinkedIn if they are eager to learn about the MFRM program from a student’s perspective. 

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