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Headshot Hasan Matin

Quick info

  • MFRM Class of 2021
  • Previous education: Bachelor's of Science, Financial Economics Specialist, University of Toronto

Why did you decide to study the MFRM program?

With a highly volatile and constantly evolving business environment, there is an increased demand for professionals that can help corporations quantify and control their market, credit, liquidity, and operational risks.

"To thrive as a fresh graduate in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape,thethorough curriculum of the MFRM program focuses on equipping us with a unique technical skillset in quantitative finance and a special focus towards our written and communication skills."

What was your main reason for choosing Rotman?

I chose Rotman because of its great reputation, vast alumni network, and the educational resources provided by Rotman. Another reason for choosing Rotman is because of the finance classes led by exceptional finance professionals with years of industry experience.  Finally, the school has strong partnerships with the top financial institutions, banks and consulting firms, which actively recruit Rotman graduates.

What was the highlight of the Rotman experience?

The Risk Management Project at KPMG in which I had a spectacular opportunity to create a model that predicts shadow CDS spreads with machine learning. I gained familiarity with all stages of a modelling procedure with regards to data calibration, data selection, model development and model validation.

"I was fortunate to be supervised by industry experts who ensured that we develop a quantitative skillset that was extremely relevant to the corporate world today."

Did Rotman and the MFRM program meet your expectations?

Often, students like me wonder how relevant our education would be to our future careers. I can say with complete conviction that the MFRM program went above and beyond my expectations. Every aspect of my learning in the program was directly related to relevant industry applications. The program is structured and updated to reflect the current skillset that is high in demand for risk management careers. I would say that I have a solid understanding of the current regulatory landscape in North America, the complex financial products that trade in the financial markets as well as a strong skillset for data analytics.

How was your experience with the Rotman community?

Rotman has a vast alumni network that is open to passing on their wealth of knowledge and experience to fresh graduates. I was fortunate to reach out to many industry professionals and faculty members who never hesitated to coach and mentor me to drive my professional growth. My experience with the Rotman community was memorable to say the least. 

What would you say to someone considering choosing the MFRM?

If you are interested in establishing a well-rounded expert level of financial knowledge coupled with a quantitative skillset and exceptional communication skillsyou will thrive in and from the MFRM program. 

The Master of Financial Risk Management is a full time program designed to prepare ambitious young professionals for careers in risk management and finance. 

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