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The student perspective

Hear from current Master of Management Analytics students on why they decided to choose Rotman as the launchpad for their analytics career.

Class of 2021

Alan, MMA '21 


Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce with Honours, Specialization in Finance and Minor in Mathematics, University of British Columbia, Canada

"I want to equip myself with more technical knowledge and employable skills. Coming from a business background, I saw data play an important role in decision making, so I want to learn a competitive skill set in data analytics and bridge the gap between business and technology."

Image of Asia, MMA '21 


Previous degree: BASc in Engineering Physics (Computing Specialization) from Queen’s University 

"I’m really excited about the practicum project. It’s fantastic to gain theoretical knowledge and technical skills, however the practicum will give me the opportunity to actually apply these skills in a real-world business problem."

Abstract image


Previous degree: BSc in Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Toronto

"I found the MMA was a perfect marriage of expanding my knowledge on the technical side while still bringing the business domain knowledge I could leverage to best put my skills to practice."

Devashree, MMA '21 


Previous degree: MBA (K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research), Bachelor of Technology (Engineering – Electronics & Communication) from Amity University 

"Some of the top reasons for joining Rotman apart from its reputation were the prestige of being a part of the Rotman and UofT community, meeting and learning from some of the best faculty members, and joining the innovative layout of the MMA program (with the intensive Practicum project)."

Cross Validation and Tips to Succeed - Erhardt, MMA Class of 2021 


"I have a business background from my undergrad, so management analytics combines my two favourite things! Everything just clicked together, and I knew this was what I was passionate about and it's what I wanted to learn."

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Profile coming soon...

Abstract image 


Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce with High Distinction, Finance and Economics Specialist, Statistics Major Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto

"Business Analytics can help me better launch my career as a consultant, and follow the trend of big data."

Luke, MMA '21 


Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto  

"As a person in love with data science and analytics, the Management Analytics program at Rotman approached me as an opportunity to provide the necessary exposure to data analysis techniques."

Abstract image 


Previous degree: Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) with Mathematics Minor from McMaster University

"With a large hiring freeze and uncertain future, I know that Rotman would be a good place to weather the storm."

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Previous degree: Honors Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

"By working in the financial industry, I also see the trend of understanding the technical and mathematical analysis part and able to present those to senior managers. That’s the top reason I decide to join the MMA program."

Sukanya, MMA '21 


Previous degree: Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM A)

"Through my MMA journey, I hope to gain strong technical and analytics skills, network with Rotman’s impressive alumni network, professors and classmates, complete the practicum project and attend inspiring events, talks, and sessions."

Image of Sunny, MMA '21 


Previous degree: Bachelor of Mathematics in Statistics and Mathematics/Business Administration at the University of Waterloo

"One of the top reasons I choose Rotman MMA is the Practicum project! I was very excited about the opportunity of being guided by industry professionals and tackling real world problems from the group up."

Wincy, MMA '21 


Previous degree: University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc.)  

"I was drawn to the Master of Management Analytics (MMA) program because it bridges the gap between statistics and management decisions.The MMA program teaches students what to focus on in order to generate business insights."

Image of Xiaolan, MMA '21 


Previous degree:

  • MA in Economics, York University
  • B.Sc. in Mathematics, University of Alberta

"Through the program I expect to gain essential programming and business knowledge to advance my career and leadership skills. I believe the MMA program at Rotman is going to be a milestone in my career development."

Image of Yongli, MMA '21 


Previous degree: BA with Honours in Economics, University of British Columbia 

"MMA creates an engaging online environment to deliver the class effectively and provides many opportunities for students to interact with each other through team works, coffee chat and safe out-door activities held by program representatives."

Yuan, MMA '21 


Previous degree: University of Toronto, Major in Computer Science and Statistics, Minor in Mathematics

"At one of the events Rotman held, I had an opportunity to talk with academic directors and people work for Rotman. I met the kindest and brightest people, the overall positive environment left a deep impression on me. I want to be part of this amazing community is the biggest reason why I chose Rotman."

Class of 2020

Image of Amy, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: BA with Honours in Economics, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

"As I joined the MMA straight from my undergrad, I really appreciate all the career services and support offered."

Image of Artur, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, PUC-Rio, Brazil

"What I’m most looking forward to in the program is exactly what got me interested in it: the practicum project."

Image of Buse, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Industrial Engineering(Major) Psychology(Minor), Middle East Technical University, Turkey

"I’m most looking forward to learning applications of artificial intelligence in different industries and business functions."

Clara, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management, University of Guelph, Canada

"There are two things I look forward most in the program. The first being the opportunity to work and study with likeminded classmates. And second, the opportunity to help a company solve a real and complex business problem through the practicum project."

Dominic, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Chemical Engineering MSc, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Denmark

"The comprehensive curriculum, innovative facilities, intensive structure, industry exposure, and leader interface offered by Rotman appealed to me greatly."

Eric, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: BCom. (Information Systems/Strategy), McGill, Canada

"Whereas other analytics programs focus solely on the drivers and implications of analytics from a business perspective, Rotman’s MMA program strikes a great blend between technical and functional domains."

Faran, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada

"I find the premise of applying machine learning techniques to business problems to be an exciting idea, especially since the field is still in its early stages."

Harry, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: International Relations & Quantitative Economics, Tufts University, Boston, United States

"Located at the heart of downtown Toronto area, the school provides resources to connect with professionals from a wide variety of industries."

Image of Karan, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, VIT University, India

"While Rotman offers a plethora of opportunities and events to grab from, I am personally looking forward to its rigorous curriculum and hone my technical skills in the field of data science."

Krithika, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous education: Bachelors of Engineering - Electronics and Communication Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India

"Having had the exposure to volumes of information, my work didn’t allow me to go further to analyze data in depth and use the insights to help business decision making. At this point, I pushed myself to gain better understanding of data and analytics which is when I decided to join the MMA program at Rotman."

Madhusoodhanan, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: B. Tech in Production and Industrial Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India

"I’m looking forward to the in-class case discussions and peer interactions as I feel it will help me broaden my horizon of thinking with the kind of diversity that the program offers."

Mohak, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Major in Computer Engineering and Minor in Engineering Business, University of Toronto, Canada

"Given my engineering background, I am looking forward to polishing my soft skills in terms of networking, communication and presenting. In my opinion, these skills require a lot of practice, and a business school environment is ideal for this."

Ryan, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelors of Arts (Honours) Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

"I am looking forward to learning more about Deep Learning methods and their practical application in business settings."

Saksham, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: B.Tech in Chemical Engg, Delhi Technological University, India

"I am really looking forward to solving a real business problem in the real world."

Saundarya, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Anna University, Chennai, India

"The faculty at Rotman is not only world-class but also comprises of highly-skilled scholars who have earned wide acclaim for their interdisciplinary insights."

Saxam, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Computer Science Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India

"Rotman’s MMA program will enhance my leadership, business and analytics acumen required to succeed as a global analytics leader, influencing change and driving growth for organizations through intelligent and effective business decisions."

Shashank, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Engineering specialization in Chemical Engineering, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India

"The invaluable career support, networking opportunities, and alumni network at Rotman provides tremendous exposure and insights of industry’s expectations. Not to mention the incredible facilities like Self-development lab and TD Management Data and Analytics lab."

Image of Sophia, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Honours Bachelor of Science in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, Economics Minor, McMaster University, Canada

"It thrills me when I see courses in predictive analysis, data visualization and all other courses that relate advanced data technologies to realistic business problems."

Sourav, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering, West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata, India

"The MMA program has a blend of business fundamentals and an array of analytical courses that will equip me with cutting-edge technologies and stay competitive in the market."

Sumiran, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelors of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), Delhi Technological University, New Delhi, India

"Analytics Colloquia is an exciting part of the program where students are exposed to variety of advanced topics and challenges in the field of artificial intelligence and data science. These mini-courses run throughout the course and are taught by industry experts and researchers."

Vincent, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Actuarial Science, Western University, Canada

"The Practicum project gives you the opportunity to experience the real-life business problems that the current industry or company is facing. You will be able to apply the skills that you learned from MMA program."

Yoseph, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Commerce, Specialization in Finance, Minor in Economics, Ryerson University, Canada

"Rotman has placed emphasis on the needs to understand unique challenges from both business management and big data analytics."

Ziang, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, Specialization in Finance, Minor in Economics, Western University, Canada

"I have set my career goal to become a business data analyst, preferably in the banking or retail industry where analytics are most widely applied, and I firmly believe the MMA program can be the stepping-stone to the career I desire."

Image of FeiFei, MMA Class of 2020 student


Previous degree: BA.SC in Computer Science and Statistics, University of Toronto

"I always had passion for big data. It has been my interest since undergrad at U of T studying computer science. Moreover, management analytics has been a growing industry. I look up to a bright and prospective future in this industry."



Class of 2019

Alex, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Business Administration, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

"While Management Analytics is vital in almost every industry, I am most interested in its applications in sports, politics, and finance."

Alex, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Engineering\Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada

“While completing the last of the coursework and executing final practicum deliverables, we are also further honing our technical skills and representing Rotman at business events and case competitions.  We are looking forward to putting this experience to good use at the end of the program.”

Image of Arjun, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Engineering specializing in Industrial Engineering, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India

“I've provided marketing insights to some of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world and working on that got me excited about taking my career forward and chose to pursue a master’s degree in Management Analytics where I could learn to use data to provide actionable business insights.”

Image of Devika, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Amrita School of Engineering), India

“The MMA program at Rotman set itself apart from the rest for two significant reasons – its diverse student body, which includes students from varied academic and cultural background, and the freedom to choose my career path in the field of Analytics."

Dominique, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Psychology and Biology, Queen’s University, Canada

"I am most looking forward to working on a real-world analytics project as part of the practicum course."

Image of Dorsa, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous education: Bachelor of Economics, University of Tehran, Iran

“I'm looking forward to the practicum project as well as taking courses on managerial uses of analytics in our second term, such as Improving Customer Value with Analytics and Analytics for Marketing Strategy.”

Image of Ezgi, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Yonsei University, South Korea 

“I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge in analytics and having real life experience through the practicum.”

Image of Krithi, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Computer Science and Engineering, JSS Science and Technology University, Mysore, India 

"The main reasons why I decided to take up the MMA program was to develop the technical and interpersonal skills required to become a data savvy professional."

Nikita, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Computer Science, York University, Canada

“I look forward to being involved in the practicum project in developing and providing solutions to real-world managerial questions.”

Nyiesha, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Honours Bachelor in Science, Major in Psychology & Minor in Biology, York University, Canada

"I chose to study the MMA program because I wanted to get more exposure to numerous programming software. As well, to learn how to use data to solve challenges and make data driven decisions.”

Image of Pamal, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: MBA, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India

"I decided to study MMA because I found it to be a perfect mix of business and technical skills when I looked at the course curriculum."

Image of Patrick, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Statistics, University of California, Los Angeles, United States

"After my undergraduate studies in statistics at UCLA, I was inspired to learn management analytics to gain the hands-on experience on business problem-solving.”

Image of Zubair, MMA Class of 2019 student


Previous degree: BS Accounting and Finance, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan

"I believe the Master of Management analytics program will equip me with the tools and skillset necessary to realize the existence of, and understand the business acumen behind, various forms and types of data, and process that into meaningful information, useful insights and smarter decisions."

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Key Facts


  • 11 months, full-time


  • August, one intake per year

Tuition fee (2021 entry)

  • Domestic = $41,400 CAD
  • International = $67,160 CAD

Employment rate

  • 94% (Classes of '19 & '20, within six months of graduation)


  • #2 in Canada
  • #6 in North America
  • #13 in the world

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