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What can students expect at Rotman during COVID-19?

Current situation:

Rotman graduate courses are currently a mixture of on-line and in-person classes. Many in-person classes are dual delivery (simultaneous in-person and online students). Proof of vaccination is required to come to campus. For the Winter Term, Rotman plans to resume regular class schedules and operations. Building access is limited to faculty, staff, students and approved guests. We are offering a full range of services to support our community.

Vaccination required

All members of the University of Toronto community including students, staff, faculty, and librarians, are required to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (by using our internal UCheck app) and complete a UCheck assessment each time before coming on campus. We require all members of the community to be fully vaccinated. Individuals who have received a University-approved exemption must participate in the University’s rapid screening program and may be subject to additional safety measures, before coming to campus.

Individuals who are neither fully vaccinated nor enrolled in the rapid screening program cannot come to any University premises. Rapid screening cannot be used as an alternative to vaccination without an approved exemption. Visitors to U of T premises will also be required to be fully vaccinated.

Graduate course delivery

We closely follow public health guidance closely in order to protect the health and safety of all members of our community. And we are determined to offer an excellent experience for our students.

Rotman courses take place through a mixture of on-line and in-person classes. Many in-person classes are taught in a dual delivery format with simultaneous in-person and online students. This will allow us to provide for students who want or need to participate online. For our dual-delivery courses, the School is providing in-class technical moderators who work with faculty to ensure online students are able to interact with the in-person class.

We are hopeful that as restrictions lift, most courses, student services and co-curricular activities will gradually be able to proceed in person, with the possible exception of large-scale gatherings. Likewise, we expect that researchers will continue to increase their in-person activities, and that administrative and support staff will resume on-campus work.

We will continue to leverage the innovations developed over the past year, such as high-quality online teaching and delivery of services to students and faculty members, to maintain flexibility where needed or enhance the experience of our community. We are also developing more flexible work arrangements for all employees, while still ensuring that our students are once again able to experience in-person learning and on-campus activities.

For the Winter Term, Rotman plans to largely resume regular class operations. Our graduate programs will take place mostly in-person. Our Global Executive MBA programs expect to travel but are ready to support students if travel proves difficult. Co-curricular activities will continue either on-line or with limited in-person access, with the hope that these will move to in-person as restrictions lift.

For program-specific program delivery information, please contact your program services office.

Where to find more information:

The University has a 12-step plan for a safe return to campus for our entire community. This plan includes many layers of safety measures.

The University of Toronto has very detailed information and many links to useful resource on U of T’s central page on COVID-19. Please visit that page for much more information.

Future students may find these FAQs helpful:

Full Time MBA
Professional MBA programs (Morning and Evening MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences)
Specialized Degree programs (Master of Finance, Master of Financial Risk Management, Master of Management Analytics, Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting)

Current Rotman students can find tools and resources on the Rotman Hub for connecting with other users or sharing files when you or others are working remotely.

Rotman Commerce undergraduate students should refer to this page for undergraduate program updates and course delivery information.