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What can students expect at Rotman during COVID-19?

Current situation:

Rotman is currently offering online-only course delivery. Access to our building is limited to essential services only. However, Rotman staff have been working remotely since March 2020 and we are offering a full range of services to support our community. Please reach out to us as you normally would for any support that you need.

Summer term 2021:

All summer courses at the Rotman School of Management will be online. That decision was made in January 2021 so that faculty and staff could prepare courses and activities that best provide learning for all, and so that students can plan their academic schedules.

We recognize the huge effort that our faculty and staff are making to provide the best educational programs and thank them for all their efforts.

We also recognize that our continuing students will be disappointed, but all indications from university, city and provincial bodies suggest that any plans for in-person classes for the summer are likely to be thwarted.

This message applies to curricular activities in the summer, recognizing the significant time required for their preparation. We will continue to assess the ability to hold co-curricular activities as permitted by university, city and provincial guidelines.

International students who are outside the country should consult with their program offices regarding potential impact to post graduate work permit eligibility.

Students who are now or expect to be outside of Canada during the summer are asked to contact their program and inform program staff of their location for the summer term.

University of Toronto has announced the June Convocation will take place virtually on June 23, 2021 at 12pm EST. Additional details will be communicated by your Program Office.

We are reviewing orientation activities for the various programs that begin in late summer and early fall, including bootcamps.

Fall Term 2021

As of early March 2021, the vaccine rollout is now picking up speed in Canada and we have reason to expect better days ahead. It is in this spirit of optimism and continued vigilance that we are making plans for September.

University of Toronto faculty and staff are now preparing for a gradual and safe return to in-person activities for the Fall 2021 term. We will continue to follow public health guidance closely in order to protect the health and safety of all members of our community

Starting this September, U of T is optimistic that most courses, student services and co-curricular activities will be able to proceed in person, with the possible exception of large-scale gatherings. Likewise, we expect that researchers will continue to increase their in-person activities, and that administrative and support staff will resume on-campus work. At the same time, we will continue to leverage the innovations developed over the past year, such as high-quality online teaching and delivery of services to students and faculty members, to maintain flexibility where needed or enhance the experience of our community. We will also strive to offer more flexible work arrangements for all employees, while ensuring that our students are once again able to experience in-person learning and on-campus activities.

At Rotman, it is our intention to hold most of our classes in person and we are developing supports so that we can excel at doing so. Supports are needed since a return to full pre-COVID curricular delivery may be gradual. The extent to which in-person teaching will be possible will depend on provincial and municipal guidelines regarding gathering limits and distancing requirements. As these constraints are eased, we will be able to take better advantage of much of the Rotman building in September. 

Students are encouraged to come to Toronto by the start of the Fall 2021 term so they can benefit from all the in-person opportunities we can offer at Rotman as guidelines allow.

Now is the time to look forward with optimism and excitement as we contemplate a return to greater in-person activity at the Rotman School.

Where to find more information:

Future students may find these FAQs helpful:

Full Time MBA
Professional MBA programs (Morning and Evening MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences)
Specialized Degree programs (Master of Finance, Master of Financial Risk Management, Master of Management Analytics, Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting)

Current Rotman students can find tools and resources on the Rotman Hub for connecting with other users or sharing files when you or others are working remotely.

The University of Toronto has very detailed information and many links to useful resource on U of T’s central page on COVID-19. Please visit that page for much more information.