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Accounting Faculty by Research Focus

Our Strength: Our Faculty

As a PhD student you will work closely with faculty that share your research interests, are working on similar areas, or can provide a new perspective. Here find out what our faculty members are currently working on.

The Rotman accounting faculty research interests span a wide range of topics.

Financial Accounting

Topics include: Accounting Valuation Models, Financial Reporting, Corporate Disclosure, Corporate Restructuring, Market Efficiency, Analyst Forecast Behaviour, Environmental Accounting, Corporate Governance, International Accounting.

Faculty involved in research in these areas: Joel Amernic, Francesco Bova, Leonard Brooks, Jeffrey Callen, Feng ChenAlex Edwards, Ole-Kristian Hope, Daehyun KimNan Li, Yue Li, Scott Liao, Hai Lu, Partha Mohanram, Mindy Callen-Morel, Gordon Richardson, Wendy Rotenberg, Dushyant Vyas, Aida Sijamic Wahid, Franco Wong, Baohua Xin, Minlei Ye, Ping Zhang.

Managerial Accounting

Topics include: Performance Measurement, Productivity Measurement, Executive Compensation, Data Envelopment Analysis, Principal-Agent Modeling, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Budgeting.

Faculty involved in research in these areas: Jeffrey Callen, Ramy Elitzur, Ole-Kristian Hope, Daehyun Kim, Mindy Callen-Morel, Baohua XinPing Zhang

Auditing, Experimental

Topics include: Audit Pricing Behaviour, Auditor and Manager Reporting Behaviour, Audit Quality and Standards, Auditor-client Negotiation, Audit Litigation.

Faculty involved in research in these areas: Ole-Kristian Hope, Hai Lu, Wally Smieliauskas, Aida Sijamic Wahid, Baohua XinPing Zhang


Accounting Information Systems, Complex Information Systems, Intellectual Property Strategies, Accounting Education, Business Ethics, Business History, Critical Accounting Theory, Taxation.

Faculty involved in research in these areas: Joel Amernic, Leonard Brooks, Jeffrey Callen, Alex Edwards, Anthony Wensley