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ICPM Grant on Corporate Governance

Exciting research opportunities at Rotman abound. Learn about a new research project on Governance.

ICPM Grant on Corporate Governance

Professors Craig Doidge and Alexander Dyck, along with two former PhD students, Professor Hamed Mahmudi (University of Oklahoma) and Professor Aazam Virani ( University of Arizona), were awarded a research grant from the Rotman International Centre for Pension Management in 2013-2014, for their research project “Can institutional investors generate sufficient power through collective action to drive improvements in governance?”

The project uses proprietary data on the private communications of a coalition of Canadian institutional investors to address this question. Firm-level regressions show that private engagements by the coalition influence firms’ adoption of shareholder democracy measures, say on pay advisory votes, and improve compensation structure and disclosure. Spillovers from engaged firms to non-engaged firms and activities to influence regulations and widely publicized governance scores, suggest a broader impact beyond the engaged firms. The coalition’s collection of hard information on governance practices and soft information on firms’ concerns collected through private communications facilitated their successes. The coalition has less impact on controlled corporations and focuses on different governance mechanisms than activist hedge funds.

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