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Program Structure and Requirements

Our Strength: Our Program

The Rotman PhD in Marketing is a strenuous program, providing effective training for an academic career. The program includes required courses, a research project, comprehensive examinations and a final dissertation. Find out just what's involved in being a doctoral student in marketing at Rotman, the business school at the University of Toronto.

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Program Structure

The Rotman PhD in Marketing incorporates course work, independent research, comprehensive examinations, and a final dissertation. Keep reading for more information on program structure, course requirements and expected time-lines for completion - and find out what makes the doctoral program at the Rotman School one of the world's best.

Required Courses

Rotman offers PhD level courses specifically created to provide you with the methodological and theoretical training required for exceptional research in your field. Required courses are chosen to provide the maximum benefit to your academic development. Read more to discover the curriculum requirements for the Rotman PhD in Marketing.

Research Paper

The Rotman PhD is a challenging, academically rigorous program. Some areas require a research project component for the purpose of developing research and writing skills and preparing for the final dissertation. Students may be encouraged to present research at academic conferences or develop work to be published. Read more to learn about the research paper requirements for the Marketing area.

Rotman School, University of Toronto, Canada

PhD Courses

Marketing offers a diverse selection of courses including methods, theory, behavioral research, consumer behaviour, and decision theory.

Comprehensive Examinations

Comprehensive exams are an important step in achieving a doctorate degree. Our exams are designed to test a student's competency in several academic areas that are critical to their discipline and support their research. Read more on the comprehensive exam requirements for the Rotman PhD in Marketing.

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The dissertation is a PhD student's final step in completing the doctoral program. A cumultation of course work and research, the dissertation is a student's original contribution to their field of study. Find out more about the dissertation requirements for the Rotman PhD in Marketing.

Student Performance Reviews

The PhD program at the Rotman School provides students with an annual performance review to ensure their successful progress in the program. Each area performs their reviews internally. Evaluation criteria for the doctoral program in marketing is listed here.