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Marketing PhDs: Where are They Now?

Our Strength: Our Graduates

The Marketing area at the Rotman School has graduated many successful PhD students over the years who have gone on to great achievements in teaching and research. They help to spread the reputation of the Rotman School and become part of the greater University of Toronto community. Take a moment to see where our graduates from the past decade or so have gone.


Graduating Year


  Mohsen Foroughifar 2023   Carnegie Mellon University
  Moein Javadian 2023   Concordia University
  Wei Lu 2023   Baruch College, City University of New York
  Clarice Zhao 2022   McGill University
  Minjee Sun 2021   University of Iowa
  Alex Kaju 2020   Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  Ying Bao 2020   University of Illinois-Champaigne
 Xinlong Li 2019  Nanyang Technological University
 Joonkyung Kim 2018   Tulane University
 Shervin Shahroki Tehrani  2018  UT Dallas
 Jinghui Qian  2018  Chinese University of Hong Kong
 Xi Li 2017  City University of Hong Kong
 Jun Bum Kwon 2017  University of New South Wales
 Rob Waiser 2016   London Business School
 Jing Wan 2015   University of Groningen, Netherlands
 Eugene Chan  2014   University of Technology, Sydney
 Nicole Robitaille 2014  Queen's University
 Avery Haviv 2014  University of Rochester
 Yutec Sun 2013  Paris Institute of Technology
 Hyunwoo Lim 2012  Penn State University, Behrend
 Kelly Kiyeon Lee 2012  Washington University in St. Louis
 Kitty Wang 2012  University of Houston
 Masakazu Ishihara 2011  New York University
 Jaewoo Joo 2011  Kookmin University
 Hae Joo Kim 2011  Wilfrid Laurier University
 Hee Kyung Ahn 2010  Hanyang University
 Maggie Wenjing Liu 2010  School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
 Botao Yang 2009  Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
 Hemant Sangwan 2008  Global Insight Canada Ltd
 Darlene Walsh 2007  Concordia University
 Yupin Yang 2007  Simon Fraser University
 Melanie Dempsey 2006  Ryerson University
 Xiuping Li 2006  National University of Singapore
 Liyuan Wei 2006  City University of Hong Kong
 Meng Zhang 2006  Chinese University of Hong Kong
 Qiang Lu 2005  University of Sydney
 Xubing Zhang 2005  Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 Marcus Lee 2003  Singapore Management University
 Kwanho Suk 2003  University of California at Riverside
 Seh-Woong Chung 2001  INSEAD
 Jin Gyo Kim 2000  MIT Sloan School of Management
 Michelle Lee 2000  Singapore Management University