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Below are the testimonials from recent graduates from the Strategic Management area at Rotman School of Management.

BROOKLYNN ZHU, Assistant Professor, BI Norwegian Business School

PhD, Rotman School of management, ’19

MA, University of Maryland (College Park),

BA Finance, Shanghai International Studies University

RESEARCH INTERESTS: market for ideas, innovation, start-ups




“My PhD studies at Rotman offered me an absolutely extraordinary experience. I enjoyed the maximum level of freedom to work on what I am interested. Yet, I could access the best possible support from world-class faculties anytime. Every conversation I had with Rotman professors and other PhD students was intellectually stimulating and emotionally encouraging.”




KWANGJUN AN, Assistant Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

PhD, Rotman School of Management, ‘17
MS, Strategy/International Business, Seoul National University,

BS, Engineering, Yonsei University

RESEARCH INTERESTSeconomic sociology; organizational change; venture financing; alliances and acquisitions  




“The training I received in the Rotman PhD program gave me an invaluable foundation for my development as a researcher. The program taught me how to integrate elements from sociology, psychology, and economics into a research program that is driven by questions about management and strategy. A rigorous style of integrative thinking is fostered through qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The faculty and staff are always approachable and supportive. I’m very grateful for the training and mentorship I received at Rotman!”



JILLIAN CHOWN, Assistant Professor, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

PhD, Rotman School of Management, ‘16
MBA, University of Toronto
BASc Engineering Science, University of Toronto

RESEARCH INTERESTS: : organization theory; professionals, knowledge workers, and experts;

organizational change; incentives and control, healthcare



“The PhD program in Strategic Management at Rotman was an incredible experience for me both professionally and personally. The training I received drew from multiple disciplines, from sociology to economics, and provided me with a diverse toolkit of analytical approaches and methods. It is a rich and heterogeneous intellectual environment, and the faculty were always very open to working with and mentoring PhD students. Overall, Rotman provided me with an incredible platform from which to start my career in academia.”




ELIZABETH LYONS, Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego

PhD, Rotman School of Management, ‘14
BA Economics, University of Toronto

RESEARCH INTERESTS: technology and innovation strategy, international management, and

organizational economics; hiring and organization in international labor markets



“The Rotman PhD is unique in the rigorous and hands-on training students receive. Despite being some of the most in-demand scholars in their fields, the faculty are passionately invested in the success of their students. I couldn’t have been better prepared for an academic career.”



FLORENTA TEODORIDIS, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California

PhD, Rotman School of Management, ‘14

MBA, York University

BSc Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Bucharest

RESEARCH INTERESTS: economics of innovation, scientific productivity, and entrepreneurship;

organization of knowledge creation and collaboration




“My time at Rotman was a life-changing experience. The faculty is world renowned for research productivity, yet despite their busy schedules, PhD student mentoring is a top priority, and they encourage students to find their own niche of interest. My fellow students were my friends and most helpful critics; the collegiality is strong and enduring.”