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Where are They Now?

Strategic Management has had many graduates over the years and we are very proud of the accomplishments they made in their careers.


Graduating Year


 Thesis Title

Andy Back

2023 Hong Kong University’s Business School  Network Narration and Audience Attention

Wyatt Yongwook Lee

2023 Cornell University Essays on Evaluations and Inequality

Patrick Rooney

2022 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Essays on Behavioural Strategy at the Firm-Society Interface

Leandro Simoes Ponqeluppe

2022 Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania  How Approaches to Value Creation, Appropriation, and Distribution by Private-Sector Organizations Address the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

Kristjan Sigurdson

2021 Director of CDL, University of Toronto Three Essays on the Impact of Inducement Prizes on Innovation

Amir Sariri

2021 Purdue University  The Role of Information in the Development of Early-Stage Startups
Carlos Inoue 2020 University of Illinois-Champaign - Gies College of Business  Organizational Governance in the Public Interest

Astrid Marinoni

2020 Georgia Tech - Scheller College of Business  Three Essays on the Interplay between Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Socioeconomic Phenomena
Brooklynn Zhu 2019 BI Norwegian Business School  Start-Ups as Buyers in Technology Markets: Evidence from the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry
Jessica Burshell  2017 Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care  Essays on organizations in market emergence processes
Kwangjun An  2017

McGill University

 Seller Organizations, Market Brokers and Brokerage in the Context of the U.S. Venture Capital Market
Sandra Barbosu 2016  The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation  The Effects of Implicit Categories on Product Performance Discovery, Identification and Firm Strategy in the Context of the Motion Picture Industry
Jillian Chown 2016 Northwestern University  Professions, Organizations and the Challenges of Change: A Multi-Method Exploration in the Context of Healthcare Delivery
Kenneth William
(Bill) Foster


Dalhousie University  Essays on Organizational Strategy and Social Networks
Octavio Martinez


INCAE Business School  Three Essays on Vertical Organization and Firm Strategy
Florenta Teodoris


University of Southern California  Three Essays on the Impact of Knowledge Accumulation on the Process of Knowledge Creation with a Focus on Collaboration
Elizabeth Lyons


University of California  The Organization of Online Outsourcing: Observational and Field Experimental Studies
Laurina Zhang


University of Western Ontario  Essays on Digitization and the Market for Intangibles: Evidence from Creative and Technology Settings
Keyvan Vakili


London Business School  Interaction between Competition, Collaboration, and Innovation in Knowledge Industries
Christian Catalini


MIT  Three Essays on the Impact of Geographic and Social Proximity on Innovation
Elena Kulchina


Duke University  Three Essays in Foreign Entrepreneurship 
Alison Kemper


Ryerson University  Calculating Values, Changing Organizations: Governance Rankings and the Transmission of Institutional Logics
Jay Horwitz


University of Toronto  Fighting Fires Together: Collaborative, Governance, and Performance
Paul Seaborn


University of Denver  Business Models and Incentives in Rating Markets: Three Essays
Stewart Melanson


Melcor Consulting (Founder), Ryerson University 2010-2014  Agency and Institutional Transformation: The Emergence of a New Corporate Governance Model
Xuesong Geng


Singapore Management University  Categories and Evaluation Bias in Valuation of Technological Innovation
Alexander Oettl


Georgia Tech  A New Taxonomy for Star Scientists: Three Essays
Barak Aharonson


Tel Aviv University  The Technological Landscape: Competition and Opportunity
Dean Hennessy


Tilburg University  External Entry and the Evolution of Industry Clusters: A Study of the Biotechnology Industry in Canada
Nan Jia


University of Southern California  Political Strategies in Emerging Economies: Evidence from the Chinese Private Sector
Ranjita Singh


Ryerson University  Unravelling the Causes: Why do Firms Adopt a New Technical Standard in the US Cellular Communications Industry 1989-2000
Andrew Shipilov


INSEAD  Bringing the Firm Back in: Firm-Specific Characteristics and the Relationship Between Network Position and Performance