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Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Meet Our Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Meet the Rotman School’s Postdoctoral Fellows. They are essential members of the Rotman and University of Toronto communities, conducting research with Rotman faculty and engaging with our graduate students. Based at the University of Toronto, the Rotman School also ranks in the top ten for faculty and research, according to the Financial Times, and is one of the world's leading business schools.

 Postdoctoral Fellows  Area  Supervisor
 Fatemeh Borhani  Economics Analysis and Policy   Byong Soo Lee
 Kim De Laat  Strategic Management  Sarah Kaplan
 Bretton Fosbrook  Institute for Gender and the Economy Sarah Kaplan
 Rachel Goodman   Institute for Gender and the Economy  Sarah Kaplan
 Guy Itzchakov  Organizational Behaviour and Human 
 Resource Management
 Gary Latham
 Bonnie Le  Organizational Behaviour and Human 
 Resource Management
 Stéphane Côté
McKenzie Lloyd-Smith  Organizational Behaviour and Human 
 Resource Management
 Marlys Christianson
 Mehdi Nourinejad  Operations Management  Oded Berman/ Opher Baron
 Ingo Rauth  Marketing  Mengze Shi
 Vahid Roshanaei  Operations Management  Oded Berman/ Opher Baron
 Zhihao Zhang  Marketing  Ryan Webb