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The Rotman PhD: Program Format

Your Program, Your Success

Discover what your years at the Rotman School will include. Coursework, examinations, and independant requirements are all designed to steward you through the challenges of academic research. Our doctoral program provides both technical and theoretical instruction, strengthening your skills and preparing you for placement at a top university.

Prior to Entering Program
• Students complete pre-qualifying requirements
First Year
• Students complete foundational courses and exams
• Students demonstrate outstanding performance in their required courses
• Students begin independent research
Second Year
• Students complete core courses and take electives
• Students successfully complete their comprehensive examinations, including a paper requirement
Third Year
• Students take specialized courses as needed
• Students develop a dissertation proposal
Fourth and Fifth Year (if needed)
• Students take specialized courses, as needed
• Students complete their dissertation

The PhD program requires between 4-6 years to complete, with the majority of students completing within 5 years. 87%* of students who begin the program complete the program and graduate with a PhD in Management. 

*Average since 2002