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PhD Program Overview

Your Program, Your Research

If you are considering a PhD in management at the University of Toronto's Rotman School, you are looking for an exceptional program that connects you to some of the world’s top management researchers. Our program provides opportunities to advance your research to new levels in a challenging interdisciplinary environment . We are looking for driven, committed students who want make an impact through their research.

The PhD Program at the Rotman School of Management is designed to prepare individuals for academic, and research careers by providing:

  • In-depth education in current and emerging theory in one of seven specific areas;
  • Development of skills in rigorous and practical research methodology; 
  • Supervision and guidance for completion of a research program with potential for a significant contribution to management knowledge.

The Rotman PhD is offered with specializations in:

PhD programs in Economics, Industrial Engineering and Industrial Relations are offered by their respective departments at the University of Toronto. 

Each student entering the PhD program undertakes a rigorous program of relevant course work which prepares individuals to undertake original research, presented to the School of Graduate Studies as a Doctoral Dissertation. The program is organized to prepare students for success in this research activity.     

PhD students begin collaborating with faculty early in the program, co-authoring research papers and presentations, and developing relationships that endure throughout their professional career.  By the time PhD students graduate, they will have had front-line experience in developing a strong research program, presenting at academic conferences, publishing research articles (often in collaboration with program faculty), and teaching Canada's top business students. In addition, students will work closely with others in the program to develop a strong network of social and professional relationships with top scholars in Rotman's many academic streams.

The PhD program requires between 4-6 years to complete, with the majority of students completing within 5 years. 87%* of students who begin the program complete the program and graduate with a PhD in Management. 
    *average since 2002