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Rotman PhD: Job Market Candidates

Who's on the Market?

The scholars who graduate with a PhD from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto go on to research at some of the world's top schools. The following graduates of the Rotman PhD program are currently on the job market:


Mingyue Zhang

Dissertation title: Determinants and Consequences of Human Capital Management Disclosure

Committee: Hai Lu (Co-chair), Franco Wong (Co-chair), Aida Wahid, Jee-Eun Shin

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Shushu Jiang

Dissertation title: Timely ‘Gain Recognition’ in Debt Contracting – Evidence from Cost Savings and Synergy Add-backs

Committee: Jeffrey Callen (Co-chair), Scott Liao (Co-chair), Dushyant VyasFranco Wong 

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Economic Analysis and Policy 

Rolando Campusano

Dissertation title: Startup Location, Local Spillovers and Neighborhood Sorting

Committee: Nate Baum-Snow, Will Strange, April Franco, Alberto Galasso

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Operations Management

Saman Lagzi

Dissertation title: Three essays on the theory and application of Operations Management

Committee:  Ming Hu (Co-Chair), Gonzalo Romero (Co-chair), Joseph Milner, Ningyuan Chen

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Clarice Zhao

Dissertation title: Managing the Consumption and Creation of Digital Media

Committee: Nitin Mehta (Co-chair), Matthew Osborne (Co-chair), Andrew Ching, Mengze Shi

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Strategic Management

Leandro Pongeluppe

Dissertation title: How Approaches to Value Creation, Appropriation, and Distribution by Private-Sector Organizations Address the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

Committee: Anita McGahan (Chair), Sarah Kaplan, Bill McEvily, Brian Silverman

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