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The Rotman PhD Program is designed to provide students with the training they need to become educators and researchers at top global institutions. Rotman PhD students get first-hand experience co-authoring with faculty, producing and publishing independant research, presenting at academic conferences, and teaching in one of North America’s pre-eminant business schools.

In an increasingly complex world economy, the demand for faculty researchers and educators at business schools has never been greater. With their deep knowledge of the technical aspects of business, Rotman PhD graduates are ideally equipped to think through the challenges of modern business.

By the time PhD students graduate, they will have had front-line experience teaching Canada's top business students, presenting at academic conferences, and publishing research articles. In addition, students work closely with others in the program to develop a strong network of social and professional relationships with top scholars in Rotman's many academic streams. 

A highly diverse group of students from many countries, cultures and backgrounds, Rotman PhDs lead in their fields of research and are aggressively sought after by universities, government and industry worldwide. Academic conferences provide forums for PhDs to display their ideas and talents. They are also an opportunity to network with faculty and students from other programs. While PhDs are not guaranteed employment, prospects are extremely good for any number of attractive academic positions at prestigious institutions around the world.