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BIC Advisory Committee

The BIC Advisory Commitee was formed to solicit feedback from our various client groups.  Our first meeting was in April 2014.

Terms of Reference

Provide a forum to discuss:

-  information literacy and fluency;

-  collection development in Business and Management;

-  library services and planned strategies.


Director, BIC, Rotman - Chair
Public Services Librarian, BIC, Rotman
1 Rotman PhD Student
1 Rotman Commerce Student
1 Rotman MBA Student
2 Rotman Faculty
1 Rotman PSO staff representative
1 Rotman 3 year/MFin staff representative
1 Rotman Commerce staff representative
1 Rotman Career Centre staff representative

Meetings and Communications

The Chair will call meetings as needed, but not less than once a year.

Minutes of meetings will be prepared and distributed to all members, the Associate Dean, Research, and the Dean of the Rotman School, and will be posted on the BIC’s website.

An annual report will be prepared and submitted to the Dean, Rotman School of Management.

Meeting Minutes are available here:

April 2014 (to be posted)