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Course Reserves


Summer 2022

RSM1232 (Prof Laurence Booth)
Introduction to corporate finance (4th ed) by Booth, Cleary, Rakita
HG4026 .B65 2016


RSM2008 (Prof Joshua Gans & Alberto Galasso)
Prediction machines: the simple economics of artificial intelligence by Agrawal, Gans and Goldfarb
TA347 .A78 A385 2018


RSM2130 (Prof Calvin Younger)
Real Estate Finance and Investments (5th ed) by Peter Linneman
HD1375 .L56 2018


RSM2132 (Prof Richard Florida)
The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida
HD53 .F46 2012

Who's your city? By Richard Florida
HT119 .F56 2009

The New Urban Crisis by Richard Florida
HT123 .F6195 2017


RSM2306 (Prof Kevin Wang)
Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives (10th ed) by John Hull
HG6024 .A3 H85 2018


RSM2408 (Prof Dror Hermel)
Practical Management Science (6th ed) by Winston and Albright
T57 .62 W56 2018


RSM2604 (Prof Glen Whyte)
Essentials of Negotiation (3rd Canadian ed) by Lewicki, R.J., Barry, B., Saunders, D.M., & Tasa, K
HD58.6 E87 2017


RSM2621 (Prof Gary Latham)
Becoming the evidence-based manager (2nd ed) by G.P. Latham
HF5549.5.M63 L383 2018


RSM2616 (Prof Anil Verma & Gordon Betcherman)
Development as freedom by Amartya Sen