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RSM 322

Course guide for RSM 322, Winter 2018.
Professor Amy Kwan.

1. Business Source Premier
  • International coverage includes company reports, industry reports, news articles, SWOT analyses, etc.
2. ProQuest
  • Market research and reports, industry reports, news and trade publications. Advanced search recommended - narrow down search by full text only, date, source type, document type, location, etc.

3. IBISWorld

  • Comprehensive industry reports. U of T access includes the growing Canadian collection, extensive U.S. collection, as well as global reports. 

4. EMIS (Emerging Market Information Service)

  • Includes China, India, and other countries that would no longer be considered emerging. Start by selecting country, then can search for industry information, statistics, company information, annual reports, financials, and more.

5. Passport GMID

  •  Euromonitor industry and consumer data.  Includes brand share for some products. Global and country- level reports.

6. SimplyAnalytics

  • Canada and US-only mapping tool that includes demographic data and consumer profile information including e-commerce. Create business lists by industry code and map or export in Excel. 

7. Mergent

  •  International coverage including filing data (financials), active and inactive companies, industry reports. Public and private company coverage. 

8. CB Insights

  • Find startups and private companies within a particular sector or industry, or search by investor. You must create an account with your Rotman or U of T e-mail address.
Getting started with NAICS and SIC codes:

  • What are NAICS and SIC codes?   
  • NAICS (North American Industry Classification Standard) and SIC (Standard Industry Classification) are used to classify businesses by industry.  This classification allows for data to be collected by standardized industry codes. 

Citing Sources Research Guide

 The BIC's Cite It Right! guide includes links to help cite market research and industry reports in APA style. 

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