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Turning research into results

The education centres are an invaluable resource for both students and faculty, and help to incubate and disseminate ideas and practices that have the potential to transform the activities of boardrooms and classrooms worldwide.


Behavioural Research Lab

At the Behavioural Research Laboratory, researchers study consumer responses to new products and pricing strategies, the effects of advertising on consumer memory, attitudes and purchase behaviour, and other forms of group interaction.

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BMO Financial Group Financial Research and Trading Lab

The BMO Financial Group Financial Research and Trading Lab gives students access to the global financial markets in real time. The lab provides research and training in investment strategy and portfolio management, financial engineering and risk management, trading and analysis of the microstructure of markets.


Canadian Business and Financial History

The Canadian Business and Financial History program furthers the study of Canadian business and financial history. Focusing on key companies, legislation and periods of historical importance, the program sheds light on the strategic and political decisions that shape the current business landscape.

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Creative Destruction Lab

The Creative Destruction Lab is a seed-stage program for massively scalable, science-based companies. Rotman students play a vital role in the lab by providing the strategic insights needed to turn research innovations into high-growth ventures.

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 TD Management Data and Analytics Lab

TD Management Data and Analytics Lab promotes cutting-edge analytic tools in business through teaching and research, and will be a central source of knowledge and expertise in data science, AI, and machine learning applications.

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Leadership Development Lab

The Leadership Development Lab helps students develop personally and professionally across a number of dimensions critical to leadership. Develop your understanding of what motivates you and those around you, and learn how to inspire yourself and your colleagues to action.

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Rotman DesignWorks helps students tackle complex business challenges using Business Design, a human-centred creative methodology. We draw on the designer’s way of thinking and apply it to the way we create businesses – from innovative new products and services to creative strategies and models.


The I-Think Initiative brings Integrative Thinking into the elementary and secondary school classrooms. I-Think works with educators, schools and school boards who wish to enhance curriculum and expose their students to problem solving strategies that can better equip them to face challenging problems.

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The Self-Development Lab

The Self-Development Lab (SDL) is a developmental engine that applies the latest in learning sciences and communicative research to develop interpersonal and communicative skills for enhanced problem solving.

Teaching Effectiveness Centre

The Teaching Effectiveness Centre supports research-stream, teaching-stream and sessional faculty and TAs and helps them improve their teaching skills. The centre is a forum for discussion of teaching issues, and improves the overall teaching standards at the Rotman School.

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