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A wealth of great research

Our collection of original publications on Canadian Business and Financial History topics of interest are available, below.


The program uses a number of different books as the basis for course work and research, including:

Smart Globalization: The Canadian Business and Economic History Experience, Andrew Smith and Dimitry Anastakis (University of Toronto Press, 2014)

Relentless Change: A Casebook for the Study of Canadian Business History, Joe Martin (University of Toronto Press/Rotman).

From Wall Street to Bay Street; A Comparative History of the US and Canadian Financial Systems. Chris Kobrak and Joe Martin (University of Toronto Press/Rotman)

Case Studies

The cases are available for download. Please note copyright disclaimers included on the cover of each case. Graduating year of student authors is included.

  • A Gale of “Creative Destruction” Engulfs Nortel by Sanjeev Sharma (2010)
  • From Anson’s Folly to the Bowater Blunder; A History of Abitibi Paper, 1912 to 2011 – by Darren Karn (2010)
  • Building a Legacy; Lessons from The Story of Cadillac Fairview’s First Leader – by Madison Isaacman (2012)
  • The Forgotten Credit Crisis of 1907 – by Darren Karn (2010) and Joe Martin
  • How Toronto Became the Financial Capital of Canada: The Stock MarĀ­ket Crash of 1929 – by Darren Karn (2010)
  • The Toronto-Dominion Bank and Canada’s “Little Bang” of 1987 – by Ashwini Srikantiah (2011)
  • The Creation of TMX Group: Dramatic Change on the Canadian Stock Exchange Scene – 1999 to 2008 – by Amy Young (2004). Case Post-Script.
  • “Home Depot Canada,” By Tabitha Fritz (2014) and Joe Martin

  • Research Studies

  • The Commercial Real Estate Crisis of the 1980s and 1990s by Darren Karn (2010) and Joe Martin
  • The Impact of Railways on the World for “Irrational Exuberance:” The Creation of the CNR
  • The Advent of Nickel: From Discovery to Mid-20th Century for The End of Monopoly: A New World at Inco
  • "The Creation of the Bank of Canada for RBC Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", by Katherine Macklem
  • The Bata Shoe Company, 1876 to 1970
    Part I: Origins of a Global Family Enterprises (1876-1932) by Sanjeev Sharma 2010
  • The Bata Shoe Company, 1876 to 1970
    Part II: Stabilizing, Strategizing, and Solidifying (1932 - 1970) by Sanjeev Sharma 2019

  • Past Cases

  • Dot Com Boom Bust: ASIWW
  • AGF Management: 2001
  • Canada’s National History Society in the Late 1990's