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From AI to space, the Creative Destruction Lab program is organized by Streams, representing an astonishing range of innovations in science and technology.

Innovation through specialization

While not every brilliant tech idea fits neatly into an existing category, some ventures can be clustered into areas of innovation, known in the CDL as Streams. The Streams are designed to provide ventures with concentrated support from the mentors, scientists and partners who are leaders in that area of specialization.

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Prime (General Technology)

Distinct from these specialized Streams, the Prime Stream, with its focus on general technology, is designed for ventures specializing in broad technology such as enterprise software, nano-materials, fin-tech, consumer products, and augmented and virtual reality.

CDL startups in the Prime Stream work with mentors to sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, raise capital from investors, and engage with the frontiers of research. The Prime Stream at Rotman mostly attracts Ontario-based ventures. Alumni companies include Thalmic Labs and Atomwise.

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Artificial Intelligence

The AI Stream brings together many of the world’s pioneers in the commercial application of machine learning. These include academic researchers, entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists at the forefront of investment in AI. The Stream is suited to early-stage startups and teams with strong backgrounds in computer science, computer engineering, statistics, and machine learning.

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The Blockchain-AI Stream brings together experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors and a community of thought leaders, taking advantage of the co-evolution taking place between new technologies for prediction (AI) and verification (blockchain). Participants receive US$100k equity investment from investment partners, office space in downtown Toronto, and technical training from industry and academic leaders in AI, blockchain, and crypto-economics.

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The Cities Stream takes advantage of the Rotman School’s location in one of the world’s most diverse cities, a hub of urban innovation. It aims to enhance the productivity and livability of cities and neighbourhoods by bringing together experienced entrepreneurs, investors, urban planning and construction experts, and scientists active in urban innovation and ‘smart city’ technologies. Participating startups are connected with urban planners and real estate developers to explore pilot project opportunities.

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The focus of the Energy Stream is transformational technology for the energy industry, including emerging technologies in oil and gas, cleantech and power. Based at CDL-Rockies, the epicentre of the energy industry in Canada, it brings together high-potential startups, with scientists active in the sector, experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

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The Health Stream helps technical teams to bring their innovations to market by providing access to accomplished mentors and investors in health and the life sciences. The Health Stream is for teams with strong backgrounds in chemical, biological, medical, materials, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, whose projects have the potential to meaningfully enhance human health and wellness.

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The Quantum Machine Learning Stream program is for startups pursuing commercial opportunities at the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning. It brings together entrepreneurs, investors, AI experts, leading quantum information researchers and our technology partners – D-Wave Systems, Rigetti Computing, and Xanadu – to create new ventures at the frontier of quantum machine learning.

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Explore commercial opportunities that exploit the recent drop in the cost of accessing outer space. The Space Stream brings together astronauts, entrepreneurs, investors and scientists from fields related to space exploration and transportation, satellite communications and robotics.

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