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The services and tools provided by the Lab are intended for three broad audiences: students, faculty, and industry partners.

The TD Management Data and Analytics Lab is an invaluable resource for students, faculty, and industry partners. Students engaged in analytic applications and projects can consult with our in-house experts on questions around cutting-edge technologies and programming languages that will enable them to collect, transform, analyze, and visualize large datasets. For faculty, the lab offers data management services such as data assembling, cleaning, and maintenance of big data that might be used in both research and teaching applications. It also supports faculty in managing access to servers depending on their computing needs and helps with code debugging and optimization. Industry partners wanting to collaborate with students or faculty on applied industry projects can rely on the TD Management Data and Analytics Lab to tailor solutions and computational requirements that ensure confidentiality and security of data specific to requirements of our partners.

As part of the lab’s mission to foster analytics at Rotman, it will also host several datathons, workshops and seminars on the newest topics in prediction, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Please see our events page for a list of upcoming workshops. For inquiries about services available through the TD Management Data and Analytics Lab, please contact us at