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Analytics training

Our team offers analytics training related to data mining, coding, machine learning, and more. With a variety of workshops as well as self-paced online modules, we share tools and resources with you.

Gain experience and enhance your analytical skills by joining one of our instructor led workshops. If you prefer to learn at your own pace with the convenience of fitting it in when you have some free time, try one of these free online resources recommended by our team.

Find a list of our workshops, as well as online resources and tools below:



All previous workshops with resources and materials presented during the sessions are made available on our online library.

Upcoming session(s): 

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Past workshops include:

Workshop: Version Control using Git & GitHub

Git is a version control system, a tool that helps you track changes to your code (or other text-based files) and share them with others. GitHub is a Git-aware online code repository that facilitates code sharing and collaboration. Git and GitHub are widely used among software developers, but more and more researchers have also picked up the tools for organizing and collaborating on research assets. This workshop is designed to get researchers up and going with Git & GitHub.

The workshop will cover the following:
- What’s Git & GitHub and why should you use them?
- Simple Git & GitHub workflows and some hands-on practice

This event is now closed.
Materials and resources presented at the workshop are now posted on the online library.

Other topics posted on the online library include:

  • SQL
  • Python 
  • JMP
  • R
  • Pandas
  • Sklearn 

Free online resources and tools

Explore these free online learning resources and tools at your own pace. Below is a curated list for you to try:




Other Resources

Coursera is a great online learning resource. It's currently free for all UofT students (until April 20, 2021). See here for details and how to set it up. Note that in general Coursera courses are mostly free to audit but if you want to access graded assignments or earn a course certificate, you will need to pay. The current Uoft access includes free course certificates if registered by February 28, 2021. Below are two Coursera specializations to get you started with Python and R.

In addition, Toronto Public Library (TPL) cardholders have free access to, where you can find video courses on Python, R and many more. Following are a few courses that you may find useful. (Note: was acquired by LinkedIn. To gain free access to the original site, login via TPL access online.)