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Learn from the world's leading business thinkers. Rotman faculty have built a stellar reputation for their groundbreaking research, teaching excellence and insights into a wide range of management issues.

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  • Bar-Isaac, Heski

    Bar-Isaac, Heski

    Professor of Integrative Thinking, Finance, and Economic Analysis and Policy
    Area Coordinator, Economic Analysis & Policy Area
    Distinguished Professor of Economics & Finance

  • Barjesteh, Nasser

    Barjesteh, Nasser

    Assistant Professor, Operations Management & Statistics Area

  • Baron, Opher

    Baron, Opher

    Distinguished Professor of Operations Management
    Academic Director, MMA Program

  • Barrette, Catherine

    Barrette, Catherine

    Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
    Director, Rotman Commerce

  • Baum, Joel A. C.

    Baum, Joel A. C.

    Professor of Strategic Management

  • Baum-Snow, Nathaniel

    Baum-Snow, Nathaniel

    Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy
    Premier's Research Chair in Productivity and Competitiveness

  • Beatty, David R.

    Beatty, David R.

    Professor of Strategic Management

  • Berman, Oded

    Berman, Oded

    Professor Emeritus of Operations Management and Statistics, Sidney C. Cooper Chair Emeritus in Business & Technology

  • Bird, Richard M.

    Bird, Richard M.

    Professor Emeritus of Economic Analysis and Policy “in memorium”

  • Blum, Bernardo

    Blum, Bernardo

    Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy, Director IIB

  • Booth, Laurence

    Booth, Laurence

    Professor of Finance
    CIT Chair in Structured Finance

  • Borins, Sandford F.

    Borins, Sandford F.

    Professor of Public Management Emeritus

  • Bountali, Olga

    Bountali, Olga

    Assistant Professor, OM & Statistics Area (CCIT & UTM)

  • Bova, Francesco

    Bova, Francesco

    Associate Professor, Accounting Area; Academic Lead, CDL-Toronto

  • Bowers, Anne

    Bowers, Anne

    Associate Professor of Strategic Management

  • Boyko, Dana

    Boyko, Dana

    Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

  • Brean, Donald J. S.

    Brean, Donald J. S.

    Professor Emeritus of Finance and Economic Analysis and Policy

  • Brooks, Leonard J.

    Brooks, Leonard J.

    Professor of Business Ethics & Accounting
    Executive Director, Professional Accounting Centre (PAC)
    Director, Master of Forensic Accounting (MFAcc)
    Director, Diploma in Forensic Accounting (DIFA)
    University of Toronto Mississauga

  • Bryan, Kevin

    Bryan, Kevin

    Associate Professor, Strategic Management Area