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Learn from the world's leading business thinkers. Rotman faculty have built a stellar reputation for their groundbreaking research, teaching excellence and insights into a wide range of management issues.

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  • MacKay, Alexandra E.

    MacKay, Alexandra E.

    Professor, Teaching Stream in Finance

  • Maglio, Sam

    Maglio, Sam

    Associate Professor of Marketing & Psychology, University of Toronto Scarborough & Rotman School of Management

  • Mahrt-Smith, Jan

    Mahrt-Smith, Jan

    Associate Professor of Finance
    Cross-Appointed to the School for the Environment

  • Malekian, Azarakhsh

    Malekian, Azarakhsh

    Associate Professor of Operations Management and Statistics

  • Manning, Ryann

    Manning, Ryann

    Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour and HR Management

  • Martin, Roger L.

    Martin, Roger L.

    Professor Emeritus of Strategic Management, former Dean (1998-2013)

  • Martineau, Charles

    Martineau, Charles

    Assistant Professor of Finance, Department of Management
    University of Toronto Scarborough

  • Mathewson, Frank

    Mathewson, Frank

    Professor Emeritus of Economics

  • McCarthy, Julie M.

    McCarthy, Julie M.

    Professor of Organizational Behavior & HR Management, Department of Management, University of Toronto Scarborough and Rotman School of Management

  • McCurdy, Tom

    McCurdy, Tom

    Professor of Finance
    Bonham Chair in International Finance
    Founder and current Academic co-Director, BMO Financial Group Finance Research & Trading Lab

  • McDonald, Julie

    McDonald, Julie

    Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Accounting Area

  • McElheran, Kristina

    McElheran, Kristina

    Assistant Professor of Strategy, Department of Management, University of Toronto, Scarborough and Rotman
    Faculty Affiliate, Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society at UofT
    Digital Fellow, Digital Economy Lab at Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI
    Visiting Researcher, Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School
    Fellow, Technology & Policy Research Initiative at Boston University
    Digital Fellow, Initiative on the Digital Economy at MIT
    Lab Economist, Creative Destruction Lab

  • McEvily, Bill

    McEvily, Bill

    Professor of Strategic Management, Jim Fisher Professor of Leadership Development

  • McGahan, Anita M.

    McGahan, Anita M.

    University Professor
    Professor of Strategic Management
    Professor, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
    George E. Connell Chair in Organizations & Society

  • MedinaQuispe, Pamela

    MedinaQuispe, Pamela

    Assistant Professor (UTSC)

  • Mehta, Nitin

    Mehta, Nitin

    Professor of Marketing, Area Coordinator, Marketing Area
    Ellison Professorship in Marketing

  • Menzefricke, Ulrich

    Menzefricke, Ulrich

    Professor Emeritus of Operations Management and Statistics

  • Milner, Joseph

    Milner, Joseph

    Professor, Operations Management and Statistics area, Magna Professorship in Management, Vice-Dean, MBA Programs

  • Mitchell, Matthew

    Mitchell, Matthew

    Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy

  • Mitchell, Andrew A.

    Mitchell, Andrew A.

    Ellison Professor of Marketing Emeritus  

  • Mohanram, Partha S.

    Mohanram, Partha S.

    Professor of Accounting, John H. Watson Chair in Value Investing, Acting Vice-Dean, Research Strategy and Resources, Director,India Innovation Institute

  • Moldoveanu, Mihnea

    Moldoveanu, Mihnea

    Marcel Desautels Professor of Integrative Thinking
    Director, Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking
    Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy, Director of Rotman Digital

  • Moorthy, Sridhar

    Moorthy, Sridhar

    Manny Rotman Chair in Marketing
    Professor of Marketing

  • Motut , Alexandra

    Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, OBHRM Area, Executive Director, Rotman Commerce Centre for Professional Skills