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A. Edward Safarian

Edward Safarian

    A. Edward Safarian

    Former Professor Emeritus of Economic Analysis and Policy

    Degrees: PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    BA, University of Toronto


    Ed Safarian was formerly a Professor Emeritus of Economic Analysis and Policy at Rotman. He sadly died at the age of 94 on January 30, 2016. His major publications were The Canadian Economy in the Great Depression (1958), Foreign Ownership of Canadian Industry(a study of firm performance) (1966), Canadian Federalism and Economic Integration (1974) and Multinational Enterprise and Public Policy (1993). His research interest had been international mergers and acquisitions. His teaching focus had been on International Business and on Canadian Economic Policy. Please visit Dean Tiff Macklem's announcement and tribute to Professor Safarian. He will be deeply missed.

    Academic Positions

    1989-2016  Professor Emeritus of Business Economics; Faculty of Management, University of Toronto
    1992-1997  Appointed as an Associate; Economic Growth and Policy Program Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
    1966-1989  Professor of Economics; Department of Political Economy (1982-1989, Department of Economics), University of Toronto
    1964-1980  Faculty of Banff School of Advanced Management
    1971-1976  Dean; School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto
    1962-1966  Professor and Department Head; University of Saskatchewan
    1956-1961  Associate Professor; University of Saskatchewan

    Non-Academic Positions

    1950-1955  Dominion Bureau of Statistics;Ottawa

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • The Transition from Imitation to Innovation: An Enquiry into China; with W. Dobson; Journal of Asian Economics; Issue: 19; 2008; Pages: 301-311
    • NAFTA Effects and the Level of Development; with Walid Hejazi; Journal of Business Research; 2004
    • Internalization and the MNE: a Note on the Spread of Ideas; Journal of International Business Studies. (34, 2); 2003; Pages: 116-24
    • The Complementarity between U.S. Foreign Direct Investment Stock and Trade; with Walid Hejazi; Atlantic Economic Journal (29, 4); 2001; Pages: 420-37
    • Modelling Links Between Canadian Trade and Foreign Direct Investment; with Walid Hejazi; Industry Canada, Ottawa; 1999
    • Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and R&D Spillovers; with Walid Hejazi; Journal of International Business Studies. III (30,3); 1999; Pages: 491-511
    • Host Country Policies Towards Inward Foreign Direct Investment in the 1950s and 1990s; Transnational Corporations, (8,2); 1999; Pages: 93-112
    • Transnational Corporations, Technology Transfer and Import of Capital Goods: Recent Indian Experience; with N.S. Siddharthan; Transnational Corporations, 6, 1; 1997; Pages: 31-49
    • The Geographic Location of Knowledge in Multinational Enterprises. Special Address to a Conference on Technology, Trade and Industry, Bangalore; The Conference Board of Canada; 1996
    • The Investment Decisions of Multinational Enterprises.; North American Review of Economics and Finance1(2); 1990; Pages: 253-266
    • The Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement and Foreign Direct Investment; C.D. Howe Research, Trade Monitor, Toronto; 1988
    • Foreign Direct Investment: A Survey of Canadian Research. Essays in International Economics; Montreal, The Institute for Research on Public Policy; 1985; Pages: (72 pages)
    • Governments and Multinational Companies. The Inaugural Timlin Lecture, University of Saskatchewan; 1983; Pages: pp.1-15
    • Ten Markets or One? Regional Barriers to Economic Activity in Canada. Discussion Paper Series. Ontario Economic Council 1980. Originally a Ryerson Lecture in Economics, Oct 18, 1979; 1980; Pages: pp.1-19
    • Foreign Ownership and Industrial Behaviour: A Comment; The Weakest Link: Canadian Public Policy; 1979; Pages: 318-335
    • Policy on Multinational Enterprises in Developed Countries; Canadian Journal of Economics; 1978; Pages: 641-655
    • Perspectives on Foreign Direct Investment from the Viewpoint of a Capital Receiving Country. Journal of Finance, May 1973, 419-438. Reprinted in Andrew Axline et al (eds.) Continental Community, McLelland & Stewart, 1974.; 1973
    • Some Myths about Foreign Business Investment in Canada; Journal of Canadian Studies; 1971; Pages: pp.3-19
    • Country of Ownership and Performance of the Firm; The Economic Record (Australia); 1968; Pages: 82-96
    • The Exports ofAmerican-Owned Enterprises in Canada. Papers & Proceedings; American Economic Association; 1964; Pages: 445-458
    • Foreign Financing of Canadian Investment in the Post-War Period. Proceedings of the Business and Economic Statistics Section; co-author; American Statistical Association; 1954; Pages: 72-79

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • "International M&As, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and the Canadian Policy Response"; Prepared for Karl P. Sauvant and Lisa E. Sachs (eds.); Issue: FDI by State-Controlled Entities: Do the Rules Need Changing?; 2012
    • Foreign Owenership of Canadian Industry; McGraw-Hill of Canada 1966; Issue: Reprinted University of Toronto Press, 1973. #138 Canadian Univeristy Paperbooks., Third Edition, University of Toronto Press; 2011
    • "International Mergers and Acquisitions"; Prepared for Jovanovic Miroslav (ed.) 2010; Issue: International Handbook of Economic Integration, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham; 2010
    • The Eagle and the Bear: Explorations in Armenia and the Soviet Union; Issue: 1996-2005. A Memoir., A.E. Safarian; 2010
    • The Canadian Economy in the Great Depression, Canadian Studies in Economics No.11; University of Toronto Press, 1958. Reprinted Carleton Library, McLelland and Stewart 1971., 1958. Reprinted with a new preface and bibliography, McGill-Queen's University Press; 2009
    • How to Thrive in an International Economy; In Lorraine Eden and Wendy Dobson(eds.) Governance, Multinationals & Growth; Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.; 2005; Pages: 16-24
    • Multinationals and Governance. In Jacob Ryten (ed.) The Sterling Public Servant: a Global Tribute to Sylvia Ostry; McGill-Queen's University Press; 2004; Pages: 98-117
    • The Use and Impact of Performance Requirements in the Developed Countries. In UN, The Development Dimension of FDI: Policy and Rule - Making Perspectives; New York and Geneva; 2003; Pages: 91-98
    • Letters from Armenia to Israel Safarian; editor; Private publication; 2002
    • Do Institutions Matter for Growth? With Wendy Dobson. In A.E. Safarian and Wendy Dobson, East Asian in Transition: Economic and Security Challenges; University of Toronto Press; 2002; Pages: pp.1-20
    • Canada and Foreign Direct Investment: a Study of Determinants. With Walid Hejazi. Centre for Public Management; University of Toronto Press, Toronto; 2001
    • Challenge and Response: North American Firms in East Asia. In Paul Beamish and A.E. Safarian (co-eds), North American Firms in East Asia; University of Toronto Press; 1999; Pages: 1-15
    • MNEs and Technology Diffusion: A Southeast Asian Experience. With Farid Harianto. In Peter J. Buckley and Jean-Louis Mucchielli (eds.), Multinational Firms and International Location; Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.; 1997; Pages: 189-219
    • Trends in the Forms of International Business Organization. In L. Waverman, William S. Comanor, and Akira Goto (eds.), Competition Policy in the Global Economy: Modalities for Co-operation; London and New York, Routledge; 1997; Pages: 40-65
    • Technology Transfer Between Canada and India (with N.S. Siddarthan). In Sunder Magun (ed.), Trade, Innovation and Industrial Performance: India-Canada Linkages; Ottawa: Centre for Trade Policy and Law; 1997; Pages: 1-14
    • International Human Resource Linkages and Economic Growth: an Afterward. In A.E. Safarian and Wendy Dobson,(co-editors) The People Link: Human Resource Linkages Across the Pacific; University of Toronto Press; 1997; Pages: 153-73
    • The FTA and NAFTA: One Canadian's Perspective. In Charles F. Doran and Alvin P. Drischler (eds.), A New North America: Cooperation and Enhanced Interdependence.; Westport, Conn: Praiger; 1996; Pages: 29-47
    • The Diversity and Dynamism of Capitalism in East Asia. With W. Dobson. In A.E. Safarian and Wendy Dobson (co-editors), East Asian Capitalism: Diversity and Dynamism; University of Toronto Press; 1996; Pages: pp.1-15
    • The Theory of Multinational Plant Location in a Regional Trading Area (with Curtis Eaton and Richard G. Lipsey). In Lorraine Eden (ed.), Multinationals in North America.; University of Calgary Press; 1994; Pages: 53-78
    • The Theory of Multinational Plant Location: Agglomerations and Disagglomerations (with Curtis Eaton and Richard G. Lipsey). In Lorraine Eden (ed) Multinationals in North America; University of Calgary Press; 1994; Pages: 79-102
    • Multinational Enterprise and Public Policy: A Study of the Industrial Countries; Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.; 1993
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    • FIRA and FIRB: Canadian and Australian Policies on Direct Investment; Ontario Economic Council/University of Toronto Press, Toronto; 1986
    • Government Control of Foreign Business Investment. In John Whalley (ed.), Domestic Policies and the International Economic Environment; University of Toronto Press for the Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects for Canada; 1985; Pages: 7-55
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    • Governments and Multinationals. Policies in the Developed Countries; British North American Committee, Washington; 1983
    • Trade-Related Investment Issues. Ch. 18 of William R. Cline (ed.), Trade Policy in the 1980's; Institute for International Economics, Washington, D.C.; 1983; Pages: 611-637
    • La Crise Constitutionnelle Canadienne: Un Point de Vue Non Conventionnel. L'Association des economistes Quebecois, Le Quebec et ses partenaires economiques canadiens: perspectives d'avenir; Les editions Quinze, Montreal; 1979; Pages: 27-41
    • Canadian Federalism and Economic Integration; Privy Council Office, Ottawa; 1974
    • Problems of Host Countries. In Peter Drysdale (ed.), Direct Foreign Investment in Asia and the Pacific; Australian National University Press; 1972; Pages: 59-64
    • The Performance of Foreign-Owned Firms in Canada; Canadian-American Committee; 1969
    • Statistics, Numbers, Estimates. An exchange of correspondence with Robin Mathews and James Steele (eds.), The Struggle for Canadian Universities, Ch.8; New Press, Toronto; 1969

    Academic / Professional Service

    2007-present  Advisory Council and, since 2009, Board; The Mosaic Institute
    1994-2002  Editor; Hong Kong Bank of Canada Papers on Asia
    1985-1995  Canadian Advisory Board,Co-Chairman; Encyclopaedia Britannica
    1983-1988  Member; Canadian National Committee on Pacific Economic Co-operation
    1980-1991  Member,Finance Committee; Royal Society of Canada
    1974-1981  Member; Ontario Economic Council
    1972-1993  Member & Exec Member; Canadian-American Committee
    1969-74(various periods)  Consultant,Constitutional Review Sec.; Privy Council Office, Ottawa
    1967  Member; Task Force on the Structure of Industry, Ottawa

    Honors and Awards

    1965-present  Various research grants; Canada Council, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada, Donner Canadian Foundation, Japan Foundation, Canadian International Development Agency, CNRS (France)
    2005  Member, Order of Canada
    2005  Governance,Multinationals&Growth. Lorraine Eden and Wendy Dobson. Essays in honour of Edward Safarian.Cheltenham,UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.
    1981-82  Leave Fellowship; Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada
    1977-1978  President; Canadian Economics Association
    1977  Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal, 1952-1977
    1974  North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 25 Year Medal, 1949-1974
    1973  Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
    1963-64  Ford Foundation Faculty Research Fellowship in Economics 1963-64

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Recent teaching includes courses in Economics of International Business and in Canadian Public Policy in MBA programs. Current research includes international trade and international investment.  

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