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Andrew T. Ching

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

    Andrew T. Ching

    Professor of Marketing

    Degrees: PhD, University of Minnesota
    MA, University of Minnesota
    MA, University of British Columbia
    B.Econ., Australian National University
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    Phone: 416-946-0728


    Andrew Ching is a Professor of Marketing at Rotman, and cross-appointed at the Department of Economics.  His research focuses on developing (i) new structural models and estimation methods to understand learning and strategic behaviour of consumers, firms and managers, (ii) new methods to extract market intelligence/information contained in unstructured data (e.g., users reviews, critics, news articles, etc.).  He has been awarded several research grants from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).  He has also received the Young Economist Award from the European Economic Association, Honorable Mention for the Dick Wittink Award, and Excellence in Refereeing Award from American Economic Review and International Journal of Industrial Organization.  His papers are published in Econometrica, Management Science, Marketing Science, Journal of Applied Econometrics, International Economic Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Journal of Choice Modelling, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Journal of Medical Internet Research.  He is currently serving as an associate editor for Management Science, a member of editorial review board for Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing Research.  

    Academic Positions

    2016-present  Professor of Marketing; University of Toronto
    2010-2016  Associate Professor of Marketing; University of Toronto
    2004-2010  Assistant Professor of Marketing; University of Toronto
    2003-2004  Visiting Professor of Economics; University of Wisconsin, Madison
    2002-2003  Visiting Professor of Economics; University of California, Los Angeles
    2000-2003  Assistant Professor of Economics; The Ohio State University

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • The Effects of Publicity on Demand: The Case of Anti-cholesterol Drugs; Andrew Ching; Robert Clark; Ignatius Horstmann; Hyunwoo Lim; Marketing Science; Issue: 35(1); 2016; Pages: 158-181
    • Quantifying the Impacts of Limited Supply: The Case of Nursing Homes; Andrew Ching; Fumiko Hayashi; Hui Wang; International Economic Review; Issue: 56(4); 2015; Pages: 1291-1322
    • Dynamics of Consumer Adoption of Financial Innovation: The Case of ATM Cards; Botao Yang, Andrew Ching; Management Science; Issue: 60(4); 2014; Pages: 903-922
    • A Simple Method to Estimate the Roles of Learning, Inventory and Experimentation in Consumer Choice; Andrew Ching; Tulin Erdem; Michael Keane; Journal of Choice Modelling; Issue: 13; 2014; Pages: 60-72
    • Learning Models: An Assessment of Progress, Challenges and New Developments; Andrew Ching, Tulin Erdem, Michael Keane; Marketing Science; Issue: 32(6); 2013; Pages: 913-938
    • Measuring the Informative and Persuasive Roles of Detailing on Prescribing Decisions; Andrew Ching, Masakazu Ishihara; Management Science; Issue: 58(7); 2012; Pages: 1374-1387
    • A Practitioner Guide to Bayesian Estimation of Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Models; Andrew Ching, Susumu Imai, Masakazu Ishihara, Neelam Jain; Quantitative Marketing and Economics; Issue: 10(2); 2012; Pages: 151-196
    • Consumer Learning and Heterogeneity: Dynamics of Demand for Prescription Drugs After Patent Expiration; Andrew Ching; International Journal of Industrial Organization; Issue: 28(6); 2010; Pages: 619-638
    • A Dynamic Oligopoly Structural Model for the Prescription Drug Market After Patent Expiration; Andrew Ching; International Economic Review; Issue: 51(4); 2010; Pages: 1175-1207
    • The Effects of Detailing on Prescribing Decisions under Quality Uncertainty; Andrew Ching, Masakazu Ishihara; Quantitative Marketing and Economics; Issue: 8(2); 2010; Pages: 123-165
    • Payment Card Rewards Programs and Consumer Payment Choice; Andrew Ching, Fumiko Hayashi; Journal of Banking and Finance; Issue: 34(8); 2010; Pages: 1773-1787
    • Bayesian Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models; Susumu Imai, Neelam Jain, Andrew Ching; Econometrica; Issue: 77(6); 2009; Pages: 1865-1899
    • The Price Consideration Model of Brand Choice; Andrew Ching, Tülin Erdem, Michael Keane; Journal of Applied Econometrics; Issue: 24(3); 2009; Pages: 393-420
    • Challenges to Evidence-Based Prescribing in Clinical Practice; Muhammad Mamdani, Andrew Ching, Brian Golden, Magda Melo, Ulrich Menzefricke; The Annals of Pharmacotherapy; Issue: 42(5); 2008; Pages: 209-224
    • Recent Advances in Structural Econometric Modeling: Dynamic, Product Positioning, and Entry; J.-P. Dube, K. Sudhir, A. Ching, G. Crawford, M. Draganska, J. Fox, W. Hartmann, G. Hitsch, B. Viard, M. Villas-Boas, and N. Vilcassim; Marketing Letters; Issue: 16(3-4); 2005; Pages: 209-224
    • Understanding Firm, Physician and Consumer Choice Behavior in the Health Care Industry; P. Manchanda, D. Wittink, A. Ching, P. Cleanthous, M. Ding, X.J. Dong, P. Leeflang, S. Misra, N. Mizik, S. Narayanan, T. Steenburgh, J.E. Wieringa, M. Wosinska, Y. Xie; Marketing Letters; Issue: 16(3-4); 2005; Pages: 293-308

    Academic / Professional Service

    2014-  Associate Editor; Management Science
    2017  Associate Editor; Marketing Science, a special issue of Marketing Science on Health
    2014-  Editorial Review Board Member; Marketing Science
    2016-  Editorial Review Board Member; Journal of Marketing Research
    2007-  Editorial Advisory Board Member; International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing
    2011-2017  Ph.D. Coordinator; Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

    Honors and Awards

    2016  Excellence in Refereeing Award; American Economic Review
    2015-2020  Insight Grant 1, ranked 1st in Committee 435-3A; SSHRC
    2015-2020  Insight Grant 2; SSHRC
    2015  Excellence in Reviewing; International Journal of Industrial Organization
    2015  One of the Most Cited Articles published since 2010; International Journal of Industrial Organization
    2014  One of the Most Cited Articles published since 2009; International Journal of Industrial Organization
    2012  Excellence in Teaching Award; University of Toronto
    2011  Honorable Mention of Dick Wittink Prize; Quantitative Marketing and Economics
    2009  AIC Institute of Corporate Citizenship Grant; University of Toronto
    2006-2008  Connaught New Staff Matching Grant; University of Toronto
    2007-2012  Research Grant; SSHRC
    2004-2005  Connaught Start-up Grants; University of Toronto
    2003  Young Economist Award; European Economic Association
    2001-2002  Seed Grant Award; The Ohio State University
    1998-2000  Heller Fellowship; University of Minnesota
    1994-1995  Graduate School Fellowship; University of Minnesota
    1993-1994  Tina Moris Fellowship; University of British Columbia

    Professional Affiliations/Memberships

    Chinese Economic Assocation in North America
    American Economic Association
    The Econometric Society
    INFORMS Society of Marketing Science
    American Marketing Association

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Quantitative Marketing, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Economics and Marketing of Healthcare Industries  

    Other Info

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