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Ideas By Year 2019

Professor Ryan Webb

Inconsistent choice-making a normal part of how the brain evaluates options, new study finds.

Professor András Tilcsik

Want to eliminate workplace bias? Watch your rating system, study says

Abstract image of fractured triangles in blue, green, orange, and red.

Professor Ramy Elitzur

Moneyball advantage peters out once everyone’s doing it: Rotman paper

Professor Sam Maglio

New Research Finds That Just Seeing Reminders of Coffee Can Stimulate the Brain

Professor Anita McGahan

Handshakes or contracts? Study shows importance of recognizing how motivation is impacted by different kinds of agreements

Abstract hexagon images backed by blue and turquoise lights.

PhD student Alex Kaju and Professor Sam Maglio

The medium is still the message – sort of. Text vs. email study shows users infer different information from different forms of communication.
If you really want to grab somebody’s attention, should you text them or send them an email?

Gender gap thumbnail image

Professors Sonia Kang and Sarah Kaplan

Five solutions offered for achieving gender equality in medicine and science.
Women’s representation in science and medicine has slowly increased over the past few decades. However, this rise in numbers of women, or gender diversity, has not been matched by a rise in gender inclusion.