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Why Rotman

Welcome to the Rotman School MBA

Located just blocks from Bay Street and part of the University of Toronto, the Rotman School is ideally positioned to help you connect with top employers and take the first steps toward a fulfilling career. The Full-Time Rotman MBA attracts top talent from around the world, creative professionals with a demonstrated potential for high achievement.

Business Design

The need for creativity in business

As the world of business continues to evolve and accelerate, managers need more than just analytic skills to tackle the most complex challenges.


Leadership and the art of the difficult conversation

The complexity of our times requires a new form of leadership. Instead of the all-knowing decision-maker, today’s leader must be practiced in the fine art of facilitating productive discussions.


Making the most of your team's talent

A leadership expert and 17-year veteran of Oracle explains the difference between ‘multipliers’ and ‘diminishers’, and they key to amplifying the intelligence of the people around you.

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