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Manulife New Product Challenge: The Market for Self-Control 2018

The Challenge is hosted by BEAR (Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman) and offered in collaboration with Rotman DesignWorks and CDL (Creative Destruction Lab) with thanks to our Presenting Sponsor Manulife.

MSC2018 Final Event & Networking Reception

An event that brings together the worlds of Behavioural Insights, Marketing, Innovation, Design and New Ventures!

Date: February 15th, 2018
Venue: Desautels Hall at the Rotman School of Management
Keynote: Cynthia Goh [Director, Impact Centre, U of T]
Judging Panel: Elizabeth Chak [Ontario Centres of Excellence]
Xavier Debane [Manulife]
Roy Kao [MaRs]

Melaina Vinski [PwC]

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Zi Tynn Cheng (Rotman Commerce Finance &Economics), Steven Cui (Rotman Commerce Finance & Economics), Kim-Thu Nguyen (Rotman Commerce Finance & Economics), and Tash-had Saqif (Computer Science &Cognitive Science)

"AVAIL is a behavioural-focused mobile app that helps parents and teens negotiate goals and rewards for internet usage reduction. "

Team Beju

Jaimie Holland (Rotman Full Time MBA), Bryan Mclaughlin (Rotman Full Time MBA), Andrew Seepersad (Rotman Full Time MBA), and Daphne Uy (Rotman Full Time MBA)

"Beju is a high-tech, fashionable wearable that is reinventing the way women take their birth control pill."

Team Eloquence

Natassia Bukina (Evening MBA 2020), Kevin Hanley (Morning MBA 2020), Parth Patel (Morning MBA 2020), Adam Pham-Hung (Evening MBA 2020), and Nitin Jaitely (Morning MBA 2020)

"Elo is a wearable speech companion that passively listens to your speech and gently nudges you when you use a crutch word, allowing you to eliminate your crutches and communicate flawlessly. With Elo by your side, you can be more confident, credible, and eloquent."

Team SinkBoss

Akshath Bhatia (Rotman Full Time MBA), Bing Feng (Rotman Full Time MBA), Sergio Montalvan (Rotman Full Time MBA), and Ning Supharerk (Rotman Full Time MBA)

"SinkBoss is designed to help people solve dishwashing procrastination. The product is a rubber mat that detects the weight of dishes inside the sink. It will generate sound once dishes are piled up to the maximum load, nudging the user to clean their dishes on time."


Team The Nudgers

Bassam Abdellatif (Rotman Commerce Finance & Economics), Ali Mrani Alaoui (Math Applied to Finance and Economics), Hoomam Homsi (Pharmacology & Biochemistry), and Bisher Sammak (Rotman Commerce Finance & Economics) 

"Tanda is a digitized solution that incorporates a peer to peer lending model, nudging individuals to save collectively, granting each saver a turn at the group savings."


Team The Troupers

Cody Lam (Rotman Commerce Finance & Economics), Alex Jeong (Rotman Commerce Finance & Economics), Konrad Rabeda (Rotman Commerce Finance & Economics), and Maggie Zhang (Rotman Commerce Finance & Economics)

"Tightrope is an app that prevents impulsive purchases by reminding users of their spending habits at the time of purchase."