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Manulife New Product Challenge: The Market for Self-Control 2019

The Challenge is hosted by BEAR (Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman) and offered in collaboration with Rotman DesignWorks and CDL (Creative Destruction Lab) with thanks to our Presenting Sponsor Manulife.



Finalists & Pitches

Team HabitBot

"HabitBot is a chatbot that helps users form habits without technological addiction."

  • Ilya Kreynin (Industrial Engineering)
  • Mohammed Shabbar Manek (Industrial Engineering)



Team Jammr

"Jammr is a product that helps users get more restful, deeper sleep by discouraging them from interacting with their electronic devices around bedtime using mindful, externally-imposed, discouraging nudges."

  • Cassidy de Winter (Full-Time MBA)
  • Joseph Smith (Full-Time MBA)
  • Muhammad Hassan (Full-Time MBA)
  • Saif Orfali (Full-Time MBA)



Team Medison

"Medison is an AI-equipped chatbot that leverages behavioural economics insights to encourage healthy behaviours and medication adherence."

  • Judson Asiruwa (Rotman Commerce, Finance & Economics Specialist) 
  • Renuka Iyer (Economics Specialist, Math Minor) 
  • Jamie Lee (Rotman Commerce, Management Specialist)
  • Saarah Sheikh (Rotman Commerce, Finance & Economics Specialist)



Team Mindful

“Mindful aims to create and maintain peace in a world of fast-paced online communication. It is a browser extension and mobile keyboard that detects and reminds users when derogatory language is typed in a message, prompting them to rethink their words before sending it."

  • Saaraa Alli (Computer Engineering)
  • Nirmit Zinzuwadia (Computer Engineering)
  • Meghomala Debnath (Industrial Engineering)
  • Smiriti Shankar (Industrial Engineering)




"SMRTRāDE is a browser plug-in that uses machine learning to nudge people into rational purchase decisions by controlling their emotional spending, the SMRT way."

  • Kevin Yoon (Full-Time MBA)
  • Rachel Taylor (Full-Time MBA)
  • Shane Deol (Full-Time MBA)
  • Serife Karapinar (Full-Time MBA)
  • Sunur Devavrata Bharadwaj (Full-Time MBA)



Team Sudsy Buddies

"Sudsy Buddies uses motion sensors and LED lights to nudge children to wash their hands with soap after every trip to the bathroom."

  • Gunhee Kim (Rotman Commerce, Finance & Economics Specialist)
  • Margaux von Buren (Rotman Commerce, Management Specialist)
  • Mykyta Tymko (Rotman Commerce, Management Specialist)
  • Bing Feng (Full-Time MBA)
  • Melanie Yu (Rotman Commerce Graduate Class of 2018)



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