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DCIT- The Centre and its work

Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking
Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking

Changing the way business schools teach business

With the launch of the Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking in January of 2002, the Rotman School took strides towards changing the way business schools teach business. The first of its kind, the centre brings together internationally-renowned scholars and thought leaders to push the frontiers of pedagogical innovation, making Rotman a focal point for new ways to think.

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What is

Integrative Thinking?

The Rotman school has developed Integrative Thinking to teach ingenuity and adaptive intelligence so that our students graduate with long-lasting techniques for framing problems, learning consciously, precisely and continuously, and drawing from diverse disciplines.

-Mihnea Moldoveanu, Director of the DCIT

Learn about the discipline of Integrative Thinking, and how Rotman is changing the face of MBA education.

Lane Wallace, New York Times Lane Wallace, New York Times
"The need for change is real, and the blueprints are already in process..."

"...One of the most distinctive blueprints being developed is at the Rotman School. In addition to discipline-based courses in areas like Finance and Accounting, first-year students now take fundamentals of Integrative Thinking, which focuses on understanding and analyzing how people use [mental] models in their everyday lives."

Lane Wallace, New York Times, Jan. 10, 2010

Andrew Wahl, Canadian Business Magazine 60 x 60   Andrew Wahl, Canadian Business Magazine
"Integrative Thinking has fuelled the [Rotman School’s] rise to a highly regarded program that gets mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Yale, Stanford and Kellogg..."

"...If the world of business education can have celebrities, Roger Martin is Canada’s biggest.”

Canadian Business Magazine, March 31, 2008

Steve McConnell NBBJ 60 x 60  Steve McConnell, NBBJ
"[The Rotman graduates I hired] seemed to be naturally free of the bias or predisposition that so many of us carry into any situation..."

"...They brought a set of skills in how you query and look into an issue without moving toward predetermined conclusions that has led to unexpected discoveries of opportunity potential innovation."

Steve McConnell, Managing Partner, NBBJ, January 10, 2010